'Odie' served local police department for eight years by capturing suspects, sniffing out drugs

COURTESY PHOTO - Hillsboro Police K-9 'Odie' was euthanized March 9 after being diagnosed with cancer."Odie," a German shepherd who served the Hillsboro Police Department from May 28, 2009, until his death on March 9, 2017, has been honored with a eulogy of sorts by the city of Hillsboro.

Odie was a member of the HPD's K-9 team. He was euthanized earlier this month after being diagnosed with cancer. Hillsboro Police held a special ceremony, called "last call," March 9 to pay tribute to the dog.

On its website Thursday, city officials wrote the following:

"Odie was originally trained as a patrol dog, but in January of 2014, Officer Denise Lemen and Odie certified in narcotics detection and became our agency's first cross-trained team. The duo had over 2,000 hours of training together.

"During the span of his nearly eight years of service, he had 86 captures, more than 50 article finds and was credited with seizing over six ounces of cocaine and 38 grams of methamphetamine. We at the Hillsboro Police Department would like to thank Odie for his years of dedicated and distinguished service. Rest in peace, Odie."

Hillsboro has four other canines on active duty: Mav, Ronin, Jett and Casper, as well as a drug dog in training.

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