Timber has assisted in 18 captures since joining HPD a year ago

HILLSBORO POLICE DEPARTMENT - Timber will get a protective vest.Hillsboro's police dog will have an extra layer of protection in a few weeks.

Timber, a German shepherd-Belgian Malinois mix, has been in Hillsboro for the last year, working with Officer Mike Lee. The two have 18 captures, but Timber doesn't have a protective vest.

"In our most serious tracks, we're looking for somebody in possession of a gun or a knife, and the K9 is the lead officer," Hillsboro Lt. Henry Reimann said. "They're either off-leash or on-leash, depending on the type of track, but they're the first to encounter that person."

The donation came from a Sherwood couple, via the non-profit Vested Interest in K9s, and will bear the words "Protection in memory of Sebastian and Lilo."

Reimann said the department always tries to use grants when buying new protective equipment as a way to save money in the department's budget.

Timber has experience with a vest during his training, and shouldn't need too much time to get used to his new threads.

Delivery is expected within eight weeks.

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