Martinez replaces Wayne Clift, who resigned last year to focus on becoming a high school teacher.

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PHOTO: OLIVIA SINGER - Yadira Ramirez is sworn into the office during Tuesday's Hillsboro School Board meeting.Yadira Martinez has been appointed the newest member of Hillsboro School Board.

After just under three hours of interviews and deliberation, Tuesday night, the board reached its decision. Martinez, a dental hygienist, was formally sworn in Tuesday night.

"Believe it or not, this whole political environment has inspired me to become more involved," Martinez said, "I really feel like I can make a difference."

A parent with children in the district, Martinez attended Hillsboro schools herself. During her interview, board members focused on these details to help make their decision. The board mentioned her deep roots in Hillsboro and being involved in the schools on a personal level as an advantage.

"It was a really difficult decision but I think what ended up being the common ground for most folks was her deep roots to the community. Someone who has been a student in the Hillsboro School District since they were in kindergarten, graduated from the Hillsboro School District, never left Hillsboro, and raised her own children in the Hillsboro School District," said Lisa Allen, Hillsboro School Board president.

Martinez was appointed by a 5-1 vote by the board.

"She works in our community and is passionate about our community," Allen said. "I think that sort of life long experience as a student and as a parent, as a community member and now community leader, is very unique to Yadira and I think that was the thing that ultimately led to five folks picking her."

Martinez will fill Position 7 on the school board, the vacant spot left by Wayne Clift who resigned in December. She will serve through the end of Clift's term, which ends June 30, 2019.

A former Intel engineer, Clift is attending graduate school at Portland State University with plans to become a high school math and science teacher. Clift served on the school board for six years.

Martinez will be entering the board at a crucial time with the scheduled final vote on a policy revision which would allow for contraceptive services at the district's school-based health center just around the corner on Feb. 27.

The policy would grant nurses employed at the school-based health center at Century High School the ability to prescribe and dispense birth control and other contraceptives to students, should they ask for it.

Hillsboro School Board is considering this plan for the second time in two years. Board members voted down allowing contraceptives in 2016.

Martinez was one of four finalists for the position alongside Lamar Wise, Jose Luis Nava, and Nadine Zimmerlund.

Editor's Note: This story incorrectly identified the name of the new Hillsboro School Board member, Yadira Martinez.

Geoff Pursinger contributed to this report.

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