Cinderella version brings song, dance and humor to Hillsboro

In Stages Performing Arts Youth Academy’s production of "Cinderella," the heroine's fairy godmother's humorous re-telling of Cinderella's journey to the perfect fit is sprinkled with dance and song.

Faced with day after day of neverending chores to care for her unkind stepfamily, for example, Cinderella can’t help but question the universe by singing, “What’s to Become of Me?” The lament is shared by her future "sole-mate," Prince Darling, as he’s faced with the duty of choosing a bride by midnight on his 21st birthday, or his father, King Darling III will find one for him.

Donald Cleland, co-founder of Stages and director of "Cinderella" (The Prince Street Players Ltd. version), said he expects high-quality performance from his actors. "Kids are capable of a lot more than we sometimes give them credit for,” he said. In addition, “There is so much more to directing children than just working on what goes on the stage. We work hard at teaching them what goes on behind the curtains, how we expect them to treat each other, and the importance to have a great deal of respect for the audience.”

Caleb Kinder of Forest Grove, who plays the nearsighted King Darling III, loves developing his character and interacting with the rest of the cast. According to his mother, Ossie Kinder, “Caleb enjoys building camaraderie with his fellow actors. He feels like Stages has provided him with a second home and a second family where he feels safe, and is able to grow both as a person and as an actor.”

A fun, entertaining play to rehearse is a big part of the bonding experience.

And this "Cinderella" version is “full of fun humor, outlandish characters, and comedic musical numbers," Cleland said. “Younger kids will truly enjoy the magical story, but the humor is enjoyable for all ages. Audiences will experience lots of laughter and delight.”

Caleb agrees: “My favorite thing about performing in 'Cinderella' is making people laugh!”

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