Steve Callaway invites folks near and far to attend the festivities downtown this Saturday, July 15.

When Celebrate Hillsboro began in 2005 as a two-day celebration of the opening of the Hillsboro Civic Center, we had no idea how many people would attend. What a great surprise when we saw the streets packed and people having fun all day long.

Seeing so many people come together in downtown Hillsboro to have a good time made it clear that as our city continued to grow, new and longtime Hillsboro residents would make connections at Celebrate Hillsboro, get to know each other better and collectively take pride in our community.

MAYOR STEVE CALLAWAYCelebrate Hillsboro launched in concert with the Hillsboro 2020 Vision and Action Plan's call for events that bring us together. In the years that have followed, Celebrate Hillsboro has become part of our city's story, along with our farmers' markets, the Hillsboro Hops and other distinctively Hillsboro events and experiences.

Now, as we get ready to enjoy the 13th annual Celebrate Hillsboro, we have many sponsors to thank, such as Tuality Healthcare, for their continuing commitment to helping secure the event's excellence. We also need to thank our people who continue to make the event special:

• City of Hillsboro staff who plan and organize the event throughout the year

• The performers who share their talents with the audience

• The vendors who sell their products and produce

• The people who support the event each year by spreading the word and bringing family and friends with them

There are many reasons for being part of Celebrate Hillsboro on Saturday, July 15 — too many to list here. Of all the reasons though, my favorite reason for attending is that I hope you will be there.

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