Century's Kolby Somers will lead the Jaguars this season before heading to the University of Oregon to play baseball next year.

HILLSBORO TRIBUNE PHOTO: WADE EVANSON - Century's Kolby Somers leads the Jaguars' baseball team and will be heading to the University of Oregon next year to play for the Ducks.When Kolby Somers steps on the mound, it's not out of the question that something special is going to happen.

"I had 16 strikeouts against Aloha my sophomore year," Somers, a senior at Century High School, said. "That was the most I ever had."

Somers has been on the varsity baseball team since his freshman year.

"It was clear from the beginning [that] he was a natural leader," Mason Wright, Century's head varsity baseball coach, said. "And even our seniors kind of looked up to him and looked for him on how to go about their business.

"There were preseason rankings through a collegiate baseball newspaper [that came out], and he was a preseason All-American for multi positions [that included] outfield, pitcher [and] first base. He's won multiple accolades for the Metro League and as well as the state. He was an All-State player as a junior. He hit .500 as a sophomore in [the] Metro League [and] .490 last year."

In 2016, Somers threw a 91 mile per hour pitch at the Area Code Games in Long Beach, Calif. But Somers said that was not his most memorable moment.

"Probably right now, the most memorable moment was probably [my] freshman year," said Somers. [It has to be] my first start [because] that just really played a big role in who I am today. And that definitely propelled me to where I am today."

The hard work is starting to pay off.

Somers has received a baseball scholarship to University of Oregon.

"Baseball doesn't have as many scholarships to give out as like basketball and football. They [University of Oregon] basically gave me the baseball equivalent of a full-ride [scholarship]," said Somers. "Basically everything is paid for except for housing."

"Oregon just seemed like the best fit for him as a student-athlete," said Wright. "He's very concerned about his academics, and he wants to graduate as well."

"We all do feel like he's going to be the guy that can lead us, and that comes with a lot of pressure for him. I think he handles it really well," said Brandon Gordon, a senior at Century High School.

"I'd just like to thank my family for being the guy that I am today, especially my Dad because I can't think of a time that he said no to throwing baseballs with me or playing catch with me," said Somers.

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