Lori Arneson's Skin Spa Salon offers that young look

by: REVIEW, TIDINGS PHOTO: VERN UYETAKE - You will not find any toxic beauty products at Lori Arnesons Skin Spa Salon. Her products contain ingredients that are right off the farm.

Lori Arneson’s face might be the best advertisement for Skin Spa Salon.

Her new establishment in Lake Oswego, as the name implies, is a place where women and men can rejuvenate their skin — to look better, feel better and be healthier. Looking at Arneson inspires confidence she can do this. She is a former beauty queen, top model in New York City, and she has always sought the healthiest and most effective ways to promote healthy skin. Arneson is excited about her future here.

“Skin care wellness has been a lifelong journey for me,” Arneson said. “My business really focuses on quality ingredients that are healthy.

“We need to get back to the basics. The No. 1 thing is you’ve got to love yourself.”

Arneson has found that labels can lie.

“It can be scary when you look into what you are using with your beauty products,” Arneson said. “A fragrance can mean as many as 500 products, and many of them are toxic. We’re becoming more and more compromised from the products we use. In searching for organic beauty products there is much under false labels.

“The products I offer contain no more than five ingredients, and they are right off the farm.”

While Arneson is careful about her skin care products, she is the same way with the equipment she uses, like differently modulated LED lights for different areas of the skin. She can also tell her clients what beauty tools are absolutely wrong.

“It’s my passion to educate and offer products that have really been tested so they don’t have harmful ingredients,” Arneson said.

One of Arneson’s most unique services is the Microcurrent, a device developed by TAMA Research, which increases circulation by applying a magnetic field and electricity to skin cells. The results can be amazing.

“This is an awesome little guy,” Arneson said. “It can remove skin lines right before your eyes. It’s a device even used by athletes to treat injuries. Your face has 36 muscles, and this device works them out.

“There are a lot of things you can do for your face without injections, antibiotics or facelifts. That is what Skin Spa Salon is all about.”

Lori Arneson has pursued beauty practically her entire life. It started when she was 5 years old when her sister Sharon was crowned 1964 Rose Queen of the Portland Rose Festival.

“In those days it was very glamorous to be Rose Queen,” Arneson said. “I totally idolized my sister. I shadowed her everywhere. I wanted to be a beauty queen, too!”

And she was. Arneson won the crown of Miss Hawaii for the 1980 Miss USA Pageant. Along her way to beauty pageant success she found that the keys to looking good were feeling good through skin care, nutrition and exercise.

From Hawaii, she went all the way to New York City where she immediately found success with award-winning fashion designer Bill Atkinson.

“I was sort of his muse,” Arneson said. “I was his main showroom girl.”

Her tenure with Atkinson was followed by modeling career for which she worked at every big sportswear fashion show in every big city in the USA. She looked the part, too, as she traveled with huge garment bags under her arms. She was a fixture in the Garment District on Seventh Avenue and 34th Street.

“It was a very exciting business,” Arneson said. “You always had to be changing. You always had to do something different.”

After 20 years, though, she left the big city to become the caretaker for her parents in their final years. In doing this she learned some important lessons about medicine.

“They had a lot of side effects from the medications they used,” Arneson said.

Now, she is applying all of the lessons of her life to Skin Spa Salon. This is a season in which she is very busy, with graduation and many bridal showers. Everyone wants to “have the right glow.”

Arneson will become a familiar face in Lake Oswego as she plunges into community life. She has joined the Lake Oswego Chamber of Commerce, is a member of the chamber’s leadership class and will be a vendor at the 2014 Lake Oswego Farmers Market. Recently, she briefly returned to modeling at the recent Runway on the Lake, which was a smashing success.

Best of all, Arneson is planning a project that will make a big difference in women’s lives. She is working to be certified in treating the skin problems experienced by women with cancer. She expects the Osmosis Program to be ready to go in June.

“I want to help women undergoing cancer treatment at OHSU,” Arneson said. “I want to help them to look beautiful. It is very inspiring to be a volunteer. We’re calling ourselves the Lipstick Angels.”

Skin Spa Salon is located at 17620 Pilkington Road. For more information, go to the website or call Lori Arneson at 971 645-3435.

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