by: SUBMITTED PHOTO - Lake Oswego author Brian Doyle has released A Shimmer of Something, a collection of what he refers to as proems. The cover photo for the book was taken by Joe Doyle, a freshman at University of Portland.

Lake Oswego author Brian Doyle has announced the publishing of his latest book, “A Shimmer of Something: Lean Stories of Spiritual Substance,” with Liturgical Press.

A release from the publisher describes the book as “prose poems, chants, litanies, simple songs, cadenced prayers, brief bursts of rhythmic observation, elegies to little moments that are not little at all in the least whatsoever-welcome to the melodic world of Brian Doyle’s ‘proems,’ swirling with voices unreeling tales, souls telling stories, moments photographed with ink.”

In “A Shimmer of Something,” Doyle’s characteristic humor and sincerity combine to make this collection a delight to read.

From his conviction that miracles breed ripples that do not cease, to his lack of faith about the life of an elderberry bush, to the amusing story of a friend’s experience of driving the dalai lama to Seattle, to the humorous experience of his second confession, to an intimate story of love and loss, Doyle’s lean stories of spiritual substance inspire, entertain and captivate.

The book is available in paperback and e-book form from Liturgical Press at or by calling 1-800-858-5450.

Doyle is the editor of the University of Portland’s award-winning Portland magazine and the author of many books, among them the spiritual essay collections “Grace Notes, Leaping: Revelations & Epiphanies” and a new collection of his spiritual essays, “The Thorny Grace of it” (Loyola Press).

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