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Best-selling authors Nancy Bush and Lisa Jackson continue to fill bookshelves fast. The Lake Oswego sisters have released new books this spring and summer — lots of them.

Jackson released “Summer Days” in March 2014, “Deserves to Die” on July 29, and “Close to Home” will be available Aug. 26. Bush’s latest suspense romances, “Nowhere to Run,” “Nowhere to Hide” and “Nowhere Safe,” were followed by “I’ll Find You,” released in July. And then there is the “Wicked” series of books the women write together, also best sellers. “Something Wicked” was selected by Publisher’s Weekly as one of its 2013 Best Summer Books.

With more than 150 titles combined to their credit, you would think the women would be ready to write a final chapter and call it quits, but the two are just as excited and inspired as ever with their writing projects.

And they are busy. Between a publisher-mandated lock down to complete edits and leaving town for a book event, the women had one day open for an interview. Were they harried and distracted? Not in the least.

The interview was filled with laughter, quips and the back-and-forth banter only sisters can get away with.

Their support of each other’s work makes it easy to see how they can write tales together.

The women began their writing careers more than 30 years ago. When Bush heard how young mothers were making money writing romance novels, she thought “I can do that,” and talked Jackson into joining her in the adventure. The two went about the business of writing as a business; they were not romance book readers.

“In fact, we preferred mysteries,” Bush said.

But romance was the hot genre of the day that was selling fast. Bush used her first advance payment to buy matching, used IBM Selectric electric typewriters.

They joined the local chapter of the Romance Writers Association and at their first meeting had to admit they were writing romance without being romance readers, which shocked the other writers.

“Since then we have integrated with them,” Jackson said. “Writing romances is formulaic. There has to be some steamy part and it always has to have a happy ending.”

Over the years the authors have infused mystery and thriller genres into their romances and their books are categorized as romance suspense books.

In 2002, Bush was chosen by ABC Television to be part of a writing group to develop stories for ABC’s daytime dramas. She was one of two people selected from that group to become breakdown writers for “All My Children,” which was at the time one of ABC’s top-rated shows. She said that experience helped her focus her writing. When she returned to Oregon she wrote three Jane Kelly mystery novels, and recently completed another to be released this fall. Television producers are interested in creating a series on the Jane Kelly character.

Jackson’s books have enjoyed great popularity in Germany, France and the United Kingdom and bookstores there often host her for signings.

Stateside, the women will speak at the Northwest Author Fair Aug. 16 in Lincoln City and sign books at Bob’s Beach Books, 1474 NW Highway 101. Jackson will be the keynote speaker at 2014 Killer Nashville Aug. 21 through 24 in Nashville, Tenn.

The authors have publishing contracts through 2017.

“We’ve been very lucky,” Jackson said. “We’ve had a steady job as writers — it can be a dicey career.”

Her advice to other writers is to not quit your day job.

Bush and Jackson’s books are available wherever books are sold. Visit nancybush.net and LisaJackson.com to learn more about their careers and books.

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