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School principal to be duct taped to the wall


Lakeridge Junior High administrator spurs support for food drive

Allowing his students to duct tape him to the wall was Lakeridge Junior High School Principal Kurt Schultz’s way of motivating them for the school food drive.by: REVIEW PHOTO: JILLIAN DALEY - Lakeridge Junior High School seventh-grader Jake Leaverton was among students in a leadership class who coordinated a food drive at the school.

It worked.

Schultz’s encouragement, coupled with LJHS students and staff’s desire to help others, brought about the record-breaking collection of about 3,800 cans during a two-week food drive for the Oregon Food Bank that ended last week.

That count is way above last year’s 2,100 cans and about 800 more cans than it would have taken to see the principal swathed in duct tape and about 2 feet above the ground. Students in the leadership class, which is coordinating the food drive, gave Schultz other options, including getting a spray tan, but he chose duct taping.

“It sounded quirky and fun, and I figured kids would get excited about it, and the leadership class was really fired up about that,” Schultz said.

Students appear to be looking forward to it.

“It will be really fun to see him up against the wall,” eighth-grader Maggie Wu said with a broad smile.by: REVIEW PHOTO: JILLIAN DALEY - Lakeridge Junior High School eighth-grader Isabella Hoffman, left, and eighth-grader Maggie Wu box up donations during a food drive at their school.

Maggie said working for a good cause was “really rewarding.”

Maggie, Jake Leaverton, Isabella Hoffman and Helene Stockton are in the school’s leadership class.

“It’s great to know we’re helping a lot of people,” said Isabella, an eighth-grader.

The homeroom classes vied to be the top collectors for a chance at a pizza and Jamba Juice party. The honor went to teacher John Bass’ students, who gathered 451 cans.

“It’s great to see all the people in our school come together,” said Helene, a seventh-grader.by: REVIEW PHOTO: JILLIAN DALEY - Lakeridge Junior High School food drive organizers asked donors to give healthy foods such as oatmeal, and seventh-grader Helene Stockton holds up an example of a nutritious contribution.

Jake noted that the most unusual donation he spotted was pickled mushrooms, and the seventh-grader was glad to see boxes of cake batter.

Teacher Rhonda Broadfoot, who oversaw the food drive for the fourth year in a row, said she asked families to provide nutritious foods, such as healthy cereal and oatmeal, and such goods comprised the bulk of contributions, although there were some sweet treats, too. Broadfoot said the purpose of the event was to teach children about helping others and that there are people going hungry everywhere, even in a well-off place like Lake Oswego.

“It’s not just something that happens outside their community,” she said.

The assembly featuring the adventure in administerial adhesion is scheduled tentatively for the week after Thanksgiving. She said Schultz has been positive about the whole thing.

“He is a good sport,” Broadfoot said.

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