The Review asked six Lakeridge Junior High students: If you could meet a historical figure, who would it be and why?

Annie Bunster

“I would probably meet one of the Beatles. I’m really into music, and I think they altered the entire history of music and the entire industry.”

— Annie Bunster, eighth-grader

Miller Vangelisti

“I’m a blood relative to the Queen of Scotland, so I would want to go see her, and I would ask her — I wouldn’t really want to ask her anything — I would just want to see what was going on during that time.”

— Miller Vangelisti, seventh-grader

Kendall Anderson

“Benjamin Franklin because he invented the lightning rod and I thought it was cool to learn about that.”

— Kendall Anderson, seventh-grader

Jamie Douglas

“George Washington — to ask him his favorite color.”

— Jamie Douglas, sixth-grader

Myles Willis

“Einstein because he’s really smart.”

— Myles Willis, eighth-grader

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