Lakeridge students re-create an image from their sixth-grade days

by: SUBMITTED PHOTO: SUZANNE YOUNG - New Lakeridge grads and former Hallinan Elementary School kids pause and smile: Sarah Akbari, Ranya Al-Khaledy, Sienna Allen, Cory Barba, Daniel Barber, Garrett Bauer, Jared Baumann, Peter Baumann, Daniel Beaton, Elizabeth Bliss, Jacob Borduin, Allie Clem, Avery Dauphinais, Sierra Dill, Anastasia Furlong, Aaron Goodlund, Daniel Griffith, Elizabeth Hartman, Liam Hudler, Kaitlyn Korte, Charlie Levin, Chase Marshall, Maddie Moxness, Natalie Pearson, Jane Price, Leah Shearer, Mike Sheldon, Joe Sindlinger, Anya Staines, Lauren Stoesser and Whitney Young. Graduating Lakeridge High School seniors stepped back in time last week. Before they donned caps and gowns, students held their own special ceremony, revisiting their old stomping grounds at Hallinan Elementary School.

As sixth-graders in 2008, the kids climbed a hexamid play structure and posed for a photo; as outgoing 12th-graders, the Lakeridge students smiled again for the camera, aiming to recapture that moment from their last year at Hallinan.

One student carried another on piggyback — not as easy as it used to be! — while one girl flashed two thumbs up and another flung out one arm and waved from the top of the structure.

“I know some of the kids who had climbed up really, really high were kind of tentative about going that high again,” Suzanne Young said.

Young, Maya Barba and Liz Hartman, all Lakeridge parents, were among those who were instrumental in organizing the photo shoot last week, said Cynthia Pearson, another Lakeridge parent who was involved in the effort.

“It is pretty touching,” said Pearson, whose youngest daughter, Natalie Pearson, just graduated. “You can still see that kindergartener’s smile in a now young adult face. Kids I remember learning to read are heading off to make their way in the world.”

by: SUBMITTED PHOTO - Most of the Hallinan sixth-grade class of 2008 are here: Sarah Akbari, Ranya Al-Khaledy, Sienna Allen, Cory Barba, Daniel Barber, Jared Baumann, Peter Baumann, Daniel Beaton, Elizabeth Bliss, Jacob Borduin, Shana Bourke, Allie Clem, James Cosgrove, Alex Costelow, Mandy Daugherty, Avery Dauphinais, Sierra Dill, Eric Dungey, Madison Dunlop, Haley Faren, Katelyn Faren, Nathan Fischer, Anastasia Furlong, Karalyn Gee, Skylar Glass, Aaron Goodlund, Daniel Griffith, Savannah Hartfield, Elizabeth A. Hartman, Wren Hensgen, Zachary Hubbard, Liam Hudler, Connor Janisse, Kaitlyn Korte, Charlie Levin, Chase Marshall, Jasmine Moon Moore, Yasmine Morris, Maddie Moxness, Brooke Parkinson, Natalie Pearson, Marcos Pineda, Chad Poloni, Jane Price, Braden Ragsdale, Walter Reyes, Dean Roan, Jake Romero, Leah Shearer, Thomas Shearer, Mike Sheldon, Joe Sindlinger, Peter Smith, Mark Soderberg, Lillian Spivey, Olivia Stahl, Anya Staines, Lauren Stoesser, Ben Taylor, Jonathan Whittle, Addison Wurtz, Whitney Young, Molly Zaninovich. Not pictured are: Emily Allen, Cole Bartkowski, Sophia Harris, Arpana Nautiyal and Maddie Potter.

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