Riverdale High School seniors showcase their Senior Exhibitions at Monday event.

REVIEW PHOTO: VERN UYETAKE - Riverdale High School senior Nikki Kostur delivers her Senior Exhibition presentation on Monday, entitled 'Goods from the Woods: Plant-Based Pharmaceuticals Role in the Preservation of Rainforest Tribes.'Participants and spectators at Riverdale High School's annual school-wide Senior Exhibition on Monday celebrated student learning with presentations highlighting college-level concepts.

The annual event is Riverdale's way of adhering to a state rule. Diploma requirements say high schoolers must prove that they've met career-related learning standards and that they can apply knowledge and skills they've gained outside the classroom.

Riverdale students begin work on long-term, in-depth projects in the fall that exceed those standards.

"Our Senior Exhibitions are outstanding and one of my favorite events of the year because it really shows off how intelligent and curious our students are," said Heather Crow, marketing and communications coordinator for Riverdale School District.

The Senior Exhibition is the capstone of the Riverdale education, Crow said. All seniors must complete an extensive interdisciplinary project, which involves crafting an "essential" question, researching the answer and connecting with an expert in the area of a student's research. A student must then write an academic paper and present their findings to an audience of teachers, students and community members.

Just a small sampling of the topics students covered include:

• Nikki Kostur, "Goods from the Woods: Plant-Based Pharmaceutical's Role in the Preservation of Rainforest Tribes";

• Dimitra Fellman, "A 21st Century Plague: Faults in the Global Health System and the Fight Against Emerging Infectious Diseases";

• Kathryn Luu, "The Search For the Right Size: Vanity Sizing's Negative Impact On Teens";

• Sam Silver, "Scientific Origami: Folding Everything From The International Space Station To The Map In Your Pocket"; and

• Chandler Gilges, "Just Do It: Paying College Athletes."

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REVIEW PHOTO: VERN UYETAKE - Kathryn Luu shares her Senior Exhibition project, 'The Search For the Right Size: Vanity Sizings Negative Impact On Teens.'

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