Pacer Notes: Lakeridge High School junior Ava Eucker sings the praises of choral music.

EUCKERChoir is a collective voice. When melodies and words, thoughts and notes are all strung together, beautiful songs are constructed.

I have been contemplating collective voice lately, especially since the Lakeridge spring choir concert. What started in the fall as a cacophony of different sounds has blended into one cohesive body. As the final notes faded in our last concert, hands clapped and tears rolled down the cheeks of those who have invested so much into choir and who truly appreciate the beauty our choir program has to offer.

Mr. Campbell, the LHS choir director, teaches his students not just to sing songs but also to formulate understanding and a connection with audience members by singing with passion and evoking emotion. With performing well-rehearsed pieces comes a sense of accomplishment and humbling joy that cannot be similarly found in any other school setting.

In other classes we take notes; in choir we sing them. We sing to convey messages rooted in history, to remember times of hardships and to celebrate victories, both at hand and in thought. Sharing these messages with those who listen is what makes singing so powerful.

Art is beautiful. Vocal art, instrumental art and physical art all serve to clarify the complicated thoughts and themes that run rampant in concealed minds. I am grateful to have seen the great works made by LHS ceramics students at Empty Bowls, I have heard our orchestra perform and I have witnessed drama students work on and behind the stage at our school musical. All of the art forms at LHS amplify our school's access to the tumultuous thoughts and emotions of our students and often offer personal insight or global perspectives. All of these art forms are essential to the growth

and development of our Pacer family.

Core classes may be heavily stressed, and they are crucial to academic success, but sometimes a note is best sung rather than written. Spinning a pot on a ceramic wheel, marching in the band, singing in choir — all of these activities are just as important as learning in a traditional classroom setting.

It is so rewarding to be a part of the collective voice that art provides. Art is a looking glass into the soul. Choir has given me the chance to look into myself and has enabled me to be a part of a group dedicated to producing something that cannot be read, written or replicated, but deeply felt.

The Lakeridge art program is filled with many creative individuals, but it is not a single painting, instrument or voice that makes the Pacer family beautiful. The quilt of voices, strokes and notes that we sew form the masterpiece that is Lakeridge High.

Lakeridge High School junior Ava Eucker is one of two Pacer Notes columnists for The Review. Contact her at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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