by: VERN UYETAKE - Leslie Pirrotta had a smile, a sign and a wave for people driving down A Avenue on Friday afternoon. Pirrotta is one of the three founders of Save Our Village. Behind her are Karen Williams and Phil Pirrotta.Save Our Village was out in full force Friday afternoon on the corner of Second Street and A Avenue with members waving their yellow signs protesting the planned Wizer block development.

They also had a helium balloon, which they let rise to a height of 60 feet. Save Our Village leaders said that height is lower than the height of the projected apartment buildings at the site of the former Wizer’s Foods. Protesters said this goes against city codes.

Lita Grigg has joined with Tana Haynes and Leslie Pirrotta as the founders of the organization, and her message was succinct: “Too tall, too big, too dense, too much.”

As Grigg and company waved the signs and pointed upward at the balloon they got a lot of supporting car honks and V for victory signs from passing motorists. It was just a sampling of the support that Grigg says Save Our Village has gained in recent VERN UYETAKE - Phil Pirrotta's sign points to a red balloon floating 60 feet above, which Save Our Village says is the maximum height allowed on new construction.

“Save Our Village is pro-development,” Grigg said. “We are not in favor of overdevelopment. We are really happy with the response we’ve received. This group represents the intensity, heart and soul of what Lake Oswego citizens have been fighting for over the years. A development that large (228 apartments) does not belong in our town square. It’s too big.”

Grigg said her group is in the campaign against the Wizer development for the long haul and has hired a land use attorney.

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