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"Does compassion every get in the way of being a good cop? Do you ever want to go easy on a guy who was clearly born into an unfortunate life situation?"

Compassion is often a guiding principle that leads people into lawSteele enforcement careers. In my experience, it does not get in the way of accomplishing good police work. Lake Oswego police officers have a broad range of life experiences, and in many cases came from their own unfortunate upbringings; however, these officers have overcome those obstacles and now focus on creating a safe environment for others to follow suit. In some cases, going easy on somebody is the best option for creating an environment that will lead that person down a better path in life. In other cases, compassion has to be set aside to appropriately address problems. Situations are situational. Our goal is to conduct our jobs within the law while maintaining open lines of communication with the citizens we serve. But merely being born into a tough life does not give carte blanche to commit crimes.

— Officer Chad Steele

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