Political Action Committee typically backed conservative causes and candidates since forming in 2011

After six years, directors of the Lake Oswego Citizens Action League say the political action committee 'has served its purpose' and is in the process of shutting down.Directors of the Lake Oswego Citizens Action League announced this week that the Political Action Committee is ceasing operations and donating any remaining funds to a Clackamas County nonprofit.

"In the current national political climate, our country could use more efforts to focus on what unites us, rather than what divides us," directors Rich Ackerman, Gerry Good, Rick Petry and Cheryl Salamie said in an email to supporters on Monday. "We hope that within our small town, citizens can listen respectfully despite differences, work to find common ground and keep Lake Oswego a wonderful, inclusive, welcoming place to live."

LOCAL was founded in 2011 to promote a political platform based on five tenets: prioritizing local needs, ensuring fiscal responsibility, focusing on essential city services, preserving local community character and respecting all citizens and their rights. The group claimed to represent "people from the full spectrum of political beliefs and parties," although it typically endorsed conservative candidates for mayor, council and other offices.

In the most recent citywide election, progressive candidates Jon Gustafson and Theresa Kohlhoff both opted not to attend a forum hosted by LOCAL. Still, the group said in its email this week that while it hasn't always agreed with every City Council decision, "we feel that, overall, the city has been on an improved path and that the five values are in better shape now than before LOCAL.

"We have come to the conclusion," the directors said, "that LOCAL has served its purpose."

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