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When it comes to crime in Lake Oswego, there really is no call too small for the Lake Oswego Police Department


7/6/17 4:27 p.m. A driver was cited for making an illegal lane change after a two-car crash on McVey Avenue.

7/8/17 5:47 a.m. A driver was cited for failure to maintain a lane after police found a beige four-door sedan in a ditch near Glenmorrie Drive and Highway 43.


7/4/17 2:42 a.m. A blue Dodge Ram pickup reported stolen in Lake Oswego on June 27 was located near Northeast Marine Drive and I-205 by Port of Portland Police. The vehicle was towed and its owner notified.

7/5/17 11:05 a.m. A faded gray Volvo XC90 reported stolen in King City was located in the parking lot of the Chinese Faith Baptist Church on Greentree Road and released to its owner.

7/6/17 3:47 p.m. A man told police he thought his 2001 Volkswagen Jetta had been stolen from the side of the road near Hidalgo Street and McNary Parkway. But police located the vehicle, and it turns out the man had just forgotten where he parked it.

7/7/17 8:53 a.m. A stolen 2008 Ford Escape was found in the parking lot at Westridge Elementary School with a badly damaged windshield. The car's owner took possession at the scene.


7/5/17 7:27 a.m. A woman who reported that her purse had been stolen at a local bakery on July 4 called back to say that she had found the bag and its contents when she got home.

7/5/17 9:43 p.m. Someone tried to steal three cases of beer from the Albertsons on Boones Ferry Road. Employees were able to recover the items, but the suspect got away.

7/7/17 6:42 a.m. A purse was stolen from an unlocked Toyota Camry on Woodside Circle.

7/7/17 2:08 p.m. A briefcase containing a wallet, ID and a debit card was taken from an unlocked Hyundai Accent near Boones Ferry and Pilkington roads.

7/10/17 9:03 a.m. A former pet sitter is a possible suspect in the theft of food and facial products.

7/10/17 9:43 p.m. A baby stroller worth $500 was taken from a vehicle parked on Meadows Road.


6/27/17 1:59 p.m. A woman stopped at City Hall to tell police that she is being harassed by people with dogs.

6/27/17 2:43 p.m. An anonymous caller told police that a man has been driving a red Mazda sedan to a coffee shop every morning between 7-9 a.m. despite being told by his doctor not to drive. The man could hurt someone, the caller said.

6/28/17 12:39 p.m. Four youngsters were reportedly playing basketball on the roof of Lakeridge Junior High, but they were gone by the time police arrived.

6/29/17 8:17 a.m. A man in Texas apologized for phone problems that led to a rash of strange calls to a Lake Oswego woman.

6/29/17 2:14 p.m. A woman told police that her ex-husband continues to write nasty messages on her support checks.

6/30/17 9:08 a.m. A woman told police that an unknown man grabbed her buttocks while she was standing outside a business on A Avenue.

6/30/17 9:57 a.m. A business owner believes that a woman who regularly tries to sell items at his shop is a home-care provider and that the items do not belong to her. He told police he will refuse to buy anything else from the woman until he can be sure she is legit.

7/1/17 12:26 p.m. An injured raccoon was reportedly seen walking down the middle of Timbergrove Court, but police were unable to locate the critter.

7/1/17 7:54 p.m. Neighbors complained twice within a few hours about loud music coming from Maher's Pub on B Avenue.

7/2/17 9:01 a.m. A passerby told police that someone had altered the letters on a sign outside Lakeridge Junior High to create an inappropriate message, but responding officers found nothing unusual.

7/2/17 7:40 p.m. A man and his son were egged by four teenagers as they walked on Knaus Road near Leslie Lane. The teens were last seen leaving the scene in on older black sedan, possibly a Toyota or Mazda.

7/3/17 4:40 p.m. Employees at an assisted-living facility asked police to help locate an 86-year-old resident who hadn't been seen for two hours. Officers soon located the man on Boones Ferry Road and reunited him with caregivers.

7/3/17 9:54 p.m. Fourth of July celebrants got an early start on the holiday by setting off fireworks Monday night, prompting angry calls to police from residents on McNary Parkway, Amber Place, Terry Avenue, Alder Circle and other spots. The complaints ratcheted up again on Tuesday, with reports of a loud party on Cabana Pointe in the afternoon and "big, loud fireworks" throughout the city from about 4:15 p.m. until well after 2 a.m.

7/4/17 11:12 a.m. A resident on Edenberry Court found a "very emaciated" black cat wandering in the neighborhood. She put up flyers and told police she would keep the cat until its owner can be located.

7/4/17 3:10 p.m. Four teens were reportedly throwing water balloons at cars and pedestrians from atop a parking garage on State Street, but police were unable to locate the hooligans.

7/4/17 5:26 p.m. A man with a bad sunburn asked firefighters if they had any padding he could use for his shoulders so that he could carry his backpack home from a park on South State Street. They did not, but they did offer some alternatives.

7/4/17 10:09 p.m. A woman who was upset with her order threatened an employee at Round Table Pizza on Boones Ferry Road.

7/5/17 12:17 a.m. Firefighters extinguished a dumpster fire behind Forest Hills Elementary School on Andrews Road, where they found used Roman candles and firecrackers on the ground near the trash recepticle. There were reports of teens fleeing the scene, but firefighters said they never saw anyone while they were there.

7/5/17 6:57 a.m. A male customer at the Starbucks on Monroe Parkway frightened employees when he started using inapproriate language and talking about the computer in his head that was telling him to do terrible things. That prompted a call from the store's manager, who promised to call police if the man returned.

7/5/17 9 a.m. Overgrown weeds on three lots along West Sunset Drive — one where a house was demolished and two others that are vacant — prompted a man to call police, but officers' attempts to reach the property owner were unsuccessful.

7/5/17 10:02 a.m. Neighbors were worried that coyotes may be to blame for the disappearance of five cats in the area around Larch and Parrish streets.

7/5/17 1:57 p.m. A man who had been told that he didn't have access to the Lake Grove Swim Park reportedly sat down near the entrance and refused to leave, making other park users uncomfortable. Police gave him a courtesy ride home.

7/6/17 10:29 a.m. A man let police know that he would be leaving his travel trailer in the parking lot of the former Walmart store on Jean Road for a few hours while he went to a job interview.

7/6/17 12:50 p.m. A homeowner told police he believes a squatter has been staying in his shed and asked for extra patrols after scaring the person away. He also said he had taken the doors off the shed and stored them in his garage in an effort to dissuade anyone from returning.

7/6/17 1:21 p.m. A real estate agent told police she had found a loaded shotgun in the garage of a home on Glen Eagles Road, but officers said it was just a BB gun and the agent said she would dispose of it.

7/7/17 9:24 a.m. A man and woman found sleeping in Southwood Park told police they were making their way to a shelter in Portland.

7/7/17 11 a.m. A mother retrieved her crying child from a hot car parked outside the Ace Hardware store on State Street after reportedly overhearing customers talking about the situation.

7/7/17 12:04 p.m. After a nail salon refused to honor a Groupon deal, a customer reportedly said she wouldn't pay for her mani/pedi and left the shop. She did give the staff a $1 tip, though.

7/7/17 3:11 p.m. A caller asked for extra police patrols over the next few days after telling officers that a man was "very unhappy" about being served with a restraining order. Several hours later, the man called police to say he was indeed having issues with the restrictions.

7/8/17 9:21 p.m. A guy named Matt approached a woman on Kerr Parkway and asked to use her phone to call his dad. He also told her that police officers were watching him. They weren't, but they probably are now.

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