In this week's Ask A Cop, Sgt. Clayton Simon identifies the Top 5 infractions in Lake Oswego.

SIMONWhat are the Top Five infractions in Lake Oswego?

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From June 23, 2016, to June 23, 2017, Lake Oswego patrol, traffic and community service officers wrote approximately 4,500 traffic, criminal and ordinance citations for various violations and crimes. In addition, approximately 1,100 written warnings were issued for various infractions.

In terms of driving infractions, LOPD officers have tried to focus on violations known to contribute to crashes or the severity of crashes. Ranked in order over the last year, the most-issued citations include:

1: Approximately 1,300 citations for speeding violations in the range of 11-20 mph over the speed limit.

2: More than 320 citations for failing to obey a traffic control device, which typically means failing to stop at a stop sign or stop light.

3: About 320 citations for driving while suspended. Drivers are usually suspended for having too many traffic citations or driving uninsured.

4: Approximately 240 citations for driving uninsured.

5: More than 150 citations for failing to wear/properly wear a seatbelt.

And because many may ask, No. 6 is driving while using a mobile communication device (cellphone), with more than 140 citations issued.

Please be careful out there and drive safely.

If you have a specific request or see a violation occur, the Lake Oswego Police Department encourages all citizens to contact the non-emergency line at 503-635-0238 and an officer will be dispatched as soon as available.

— Sgt. Clayton Simon

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