On Thanksgiving, Lake Oswegans give thanks for all of the blessings of the season

REVIEW PHOTO: VERN UYETAKE - First-grader Lucas Lee and his mom Ginny work on their turkey during pre-Thanksgiving activities last week at Forest Hills Elementary School. This week, families all across Lake Oswego are sitting down to holiday meals and giving thanks for the blessings of the season.                 We count family and friends among our most precious gifts, delighting in the simple pleasures of laughter and love, of quiet acts of kindness, of smiles and handshakes and greetings happily shared.

We are in awe of the bounty and beauty of the seasons. And we are overcome by the pure joy of a walk in the woods, an early morning horse ride, a chance to row on the river or paddle on the lake.

We are, all of us, Lake Oswegans. And as we gather in the spirit of Thanksgiving this week, our hearts are filled with gratitude for all of the blessings of lives lived in this beautiful and wondrous place.

— The Review

ANDREW EDWARDSI am so thankful for the amazingly creative performing and visual artists I meet each and every day at Lakewood Center for the Arts. Their talent and thought-provoking ideas are so exciting to witness and encourage. I'm especially grateful for the encouraging comments and support of the many patrons, contributors, sponsors, volunteers, staff and board members, who keep the arts alive and help Lakewood be a vibrant and meaningful part of our community.

I'm also thankful for the many new and steadfast friends I get to enjoy and volunteer with in Lake Oswego Rotary, Friends of the Library, Lake Oswego Chamber of Commerce, Lake Oswego Tourism Advisory Committee and Lake Oswego Reads. The work we do together is so rewarding and helps so many people.

I'm grateful for my health, finding humor and joy every day, The Sunday New York Times and the delight in discovering and reading new books.

But I am especially happy and grateful for loving three very significant people in my life: my son, Pierce; daughter, Caitlin; and most importantly of all, Nancy Niland — a truly incredible woman who teaches and inspires me every day to be a better man by doing more, laughing more and loving more. Carpe Diem.

— Andrew Edwards is executive director of the Lakewood Theatre Company and the Lakewood Center for the Arts

JOHNSTONEI am grateful for laughter, heartfelt smiles and nurturing hugs. When you laugh, you light up and shine for the people around you. You feel great, and the people around you do, too. Whatever had been getting you down, well, a good laugh, a smile and a hug just makes things feel a little better for a moment. Hugs, smiles and laughter are free, renewable and eco-friendly, and they tend to multiply rapidly and spread uncontrollably. Throw in some compassion and love on top of the laughter, smiles and hugs, and you've got a lot to be thankful for. I am grateful for the comfort of family, friends, clients and fellow workers who are generous with their hearts, smiles, laughter and love.

— Grant Johnstone is CEO of Johnstone Financial Advisors

The Lake Oswego School District is thankful for its community support, excellent staff, high degree of parental involvement and passionate board engagement. This year, LO voters validated our students, teachers and parents by passing the bond. We are so grateful. During this time of reflection and gratitude, we thank each and every person who has believed in our mission to be an inclusive and safe learning community with challenging opportunities that develop lifelong learners and contributing world citizens. We could not do it without you. We are truly better together. Thank you.

— Heather Beck is superintendent of the Lake Oswego School District; Stuart Ketzler is assistant superintendent of business services; Joseph Morelock is assistant superintendent of academics and student services; Michael Musick is assistant superintendent of school leadership; Randy Miller is executive director of project management; and Christine Moses is executive director of communications

BOYDI am thankful for inner wisdom, that we all know intuitively what is best for ourselves if only we listen. I am grateful that in the best of times life is magical, and even in the worst of times, the sun still shines. I am grateful for the connections I have with my family, my friends and all of my fellow human beings. In the end, we are all connected — and that is extraordinary!

— Antra Boyd is a registered nurse patient advocate and owner of Connected Care Patient Advocates LLC

LANTOWI'm thankful for my friends and family that have been ludicrously supportive throughout the entire college application process. I'm also extremely thankful for the educational opportunities I have been given over my 12 years of learning in this community. As the college applications go out, I know that all of my opportunities (fingers crossed) have been gifted to me by the teachers at Forest Hills, Lake Oswego Junior High School, and Lake Oswego High School. Thank you.

— Joe Lantow is a member of The Review's Student Writers Advisory Group

I'm grateful that the school bond passed and that the idea of constructing buildings to not only survive an earthquake but be usable afterwards, with the ability to generate their own power, is taking hold in Lake Oswego. I appreciate a town that is small enough that individual citizens can be heard and contribute to solutions. I've met many people with differing viewpoints than mine, and some really good ideas!

I'm also glad for extra "daughter time" this year, since we got to see our daughter Mariah, who lives in the Bay Area, for both her grad-school graduation and a week's vacation in the Wallowas! And she and her sweetheart will be here for Thanksgiving!

— Jan Castle is a co-founder of the Lake Oswego Sustainability Network and co-chair of PrepLO

DEBOYI am thankful for the student that perseveres every day against the odds. I am thankful for the teacher that never gives up on them. I'm thankful for the staff that works to build positive culture, the leadership that values collaboration and equity, and the families that treat us like partners. The work of my colleagues inspires me daily. I am thankful for a career that makes me want to jump out of bed every morning to get here and keeps my mind spinning before I go to sleep at night. And I am thankful for my own children that keep me grounded and that make me constantly question my own decisions by asking, "Would this be good enough for my own kid?" Endless gratitude for this life.

— Sara Deboy is the principal of Lake Oswego Junior High

I thank God for the blessings He has showered on me. I live in a beautiful, prosperous town. People here are caring, interesting, involved, and able to discuss issues without letting their disagreements turn violent. I live in a country that still affords its citizens a great many freedoms. And I have a wonderful wife, wonderful children, and four grandchildren that would make anyone proud.

— Kent Studebaker is the mayor of Lake Oswego

I am grateful for my health and the health of all those I hold dear. For love given and received. For being able to work at something I'm passionate about and to see my children finding their own passionate pursuits. For lazy Sunday mornings with the New York Times (because I would have already devoured The Review on Thursday) and breakfast in bed. For the existence of a magical creature known as the pug. And for the love of my life, Andrew Edwards, who makes everything about my life more wonderful.

— Nancy Niland is executive director of the Oswego Heritage Council

DIANE GROVERI am thankful that I work in a profession that values our Constitution and its principles. Throughout my career, I have relished "fighting the good fight." As a legal observer in Florida during the 2016 presidential election, my role was to ensure constituents could freely use their constitutionally-protected right to vote. In doing so, I witnessed their pure joy and enthusiasm using this fundamental right in our democracy. As an immigration attorney, I have also had the great fortune of representing people from over 50 different countries. These immigrants have the grace, dignity and strength of character for which we should all strive to exemplify.

Recently, I was one of the organizers of "Help is on the Way Puerto Rico," which has as its mission to increase awareness about the territory's devastation and raise money urgently needed to help our fellow Americans in Puerto Rico. My founding team members worked tirelessly and were devoted to this worthy cause. I will cherish their lifelong friendships.

All of these people and experiences have enriched my life immensely, more than words can say. I am a better and more complete person because of these associations, and for that I give thanks!

— Diane Grover is an immigration attorney

BUCKWhat penetrated the heart this year was loss — our family dog, Cori, a companion of 13 years; and then my grandson dying in utero; and then my son's dog's early death through cancer.

Also, our nation's psyche has been scarred with natural calamities, the embodiment of belonging totally disrupted. Our country suffers from the calamity of polarizing decision-making. When closeness of presence and the lovely enclosures of home undergo assault, our bodies register the loss in tears. When we are cognizant of the impact of faulty, myopic decisions that invade our communality, our minds register anger or angst — knowing we are more or better than this.

Tears of grief, in time, transform into gratitude. I have learned that anger, in reflection, sees this twin and can turn to positive action as a gift for such a supportive community.

— Mike Buck is a community volunteer

YOUNGWhen you are told you have a crippling disease that will kill you within three years and you're alive and functioning 34 years later, you have a lot to be thankful for. I am thankful for my beautiful daughter, who was born three years after my predicted death. I am thankful for a community that has embraced me and allowed me to share life lessons with its sons. I am thankful for my family and the best set of friends one could ask for. I am actually thankful for the ALS that has riddled my body, as it has forced me to take a road less traveled, one filled with life lessons it demanded I learn. And I am truly thankful that when I shed this disease I will be able to truly appreciate all the simple privileges of life most take for granted. I am especially thankful that I get to choose my own attitude every single day.

— Jeff Young is the motivation coach for the LOHS Lakers football program

CYNDIE AND PETER GLAZERI'm thankful for the community we live in and all the things that make Lake Oswego great. I have practiced law and lived in Lake Oswego for 35 years. Let us never forget that this is a very special place.

I'm grateful for our local fire and police departments. As I tell everyone, I'm extremely grateful for the newspaper that fosters Lake Oswego's sense of community, The Review. I'm thankful for leadership and volunteerism throughout Lake Oswego, in my Rotary club and other service organizations, and I am grateful for our mayor, city councilors and others who serve as volunteers all over our community.

I'm grateful for longtime employees, for loyalty in employees and friends, and for a lifetime of good friends. I'm thankful for the success and support of my wife, Cyndie, and for two of the cutest grandchildren in the world, just a short two-hour flight away in sunny Southern California.

— Peter Glazer is a personal injury and divorce lawyer with Glazer, Maurer & Peterson, P.C.

As Americans, we continue to experience the coarseness of our national politics as well as the intolerance of those who forget that we live in an amazing, melting rainbow of human beings. Yet, we can be very grateful this Thanksgiving for living in a loving community such as Lake Oswego with our kind, generous neighbors, friends and citizens.

And this year we are especially thankful for our newest citizen and baby daughter, Lake Castle LaMotte, who was born in July. She has brought our family and neighborhood much joy and amazement as we experience the pure innocence of a child who loves completely without bias, judgement or fear.

— John (a Lake Oswego City Councilor) and Jennifer LaMotte

STEINI read a news story the other day that said only 6 percent of people grow up to do the job they dreamed about as a child. And so on this Thanksgiving, I am incredibly grateful for the opportunity to live my dream and share my love of community journalism with the people of Lake Oswego. I have met so many wonderful and welcoming people who live and work and play in a town that I have come to love, and I thank all of them for sharing this place with me. I am also thankful for my three children, my two grandchildren and a network of good and loving friends who remind me every day that, in the end, it is the connections we make and the relationships we nurture that truly define who we are.

— Gary M. Stein is editor of The Lake Oswego Review

WALLINI'm thankful for the love of family and friends; for living where the trees are always green and the skies are always blue except when they're gray; for a community that values, supports, and assists in the education of our youngest citizens; for everyday heroes all around us who work continuously to ensure that everyone is treated with respect and dignity at all times; and for all those who never give up.

— John Wallin is chair of the Lake Oswego School Board

Each morning, I begin my day by reflecting on my many blessings, starting with the spiritual, good health, great family and friends, terrific colleagues, a fulfilling career, a committed and caring church, and the fact that not only do I live in America, but I am part of a wonderful local community. However, a number of years ago I realized that my greatest single blessing is having a daily appreciation of how truly blessed I am.

— Mark Rockwell is managing principal of Anthem Memory Care

Thanksgiving is always a good time to thank family and friends for helping us on your journey of life. It's also a good time to remember people who have passed that have impacted your life. Three gentleman that have left such an impact on me and our city are Gene Wizer, George Benson and Doug Oliphant. These men had such strong spiritual faith and kindness that had great effect on me and anyone they touched. I'm thankful I had the opportunity to know each of them, and my life is better from it. These men passed to us a wonderful gift of giving back to our community. I'm thankful that gift has touched me and hundreds of citizens in our community that give back every day. Giving back is our greatest gift; thank you to all who give.

— Skip O'Neill is a Lake Oswego City Councilor

LYONSSo thankful to live in this open and robust community. Active neighborhoods and involved families sharing their lives. Wonderful public art and giving artists. Much generosity to keep our Lakewood Center performing. Our parks are supported by neighbors and incredible Parks staff, and a dedicated Public Works Department keeps everything functioning. Our schools, library, fire, police, City staff and council members do their jobs every day. And the quality of local businesses and The Review. Not a day goes by without appreciating Lake Oswego. Thank you all.

— Paul Lyons is a community volunteer and retired consultant

I am thankful to live in an active community that values collaboration, generosity and consideration. Each day, I am reminded of how fortunate I am to attend a high school that expands my critical thinking skills, strengthens my ability to work with others and helps me to formulate my long-term goals. Most importantly, I cherish the warmth, comfort and familiarity of friends and family, and the memories that we continuously create.

— Michael Murray is the executive director of Hunger Fighters Oregon

NICOLE NATHANWith boundless appreciation, I'm thankful for the immeasurable time, talent, dedication, wise council and willingness to step in and do whatever is necessary from the many Arts Council of Lake Oswego volunteers. From our board and Public Art Committee to fundraising, programs, exhibitions and the Gallery Without Walls, we could not accomplish so much without the hands and hearts of so many!

— Nicole Nathan is executive director of the Arts Council of Lake Oswego

MOSESFor me, Thanksgiving is a time of deep reflection. We gather friends and family around us and give thanks for the abundance of goodwill in the world. This year, my husband and I are in a new home in Lake Oswego. We are so grateful for the natural beauty, the passionate people and the hospitality afforded us. I have been shown compassion and patience by our school community — two things I strive to give to others in my life. I have been given the opportunity to give back to the community, and I have seen the endless generosity of our leaders move in very powerful ways. Lake Oswego is my home. There is nowhere else I want to be in this world. Thank you for making us feel welcome and for giving us the chance to contribute to this wonderful community.

— Christine Moses is executive director of communications for the Lake Oswego School District

I am thankful for the fact that Chuck Ryan makes me laugh, each and every day. I am thankful to witness the growth of Jackson and Mac. I am thankful for Dr. Alan Newman and Chuck's new knees. I am thankful for this great town and the people in it.

— Lisa Shaw-Ryan is the co-founder of Chuck's Place and Chuckie Pies

TALNEYAs I look back on what has now become a long life, I am asked to ponder for what I might be most thankful. Spouse, children, grandchildren, life-long friends, of course. There have been many blessings over the years. And many sorrows. So, for what am I most thankful? To paraphrase the author of "The Prophet," Khalil Gibran, I am most thankful for the difficult times, as they have helped form who I am. The difficult times have given me a life not free of love, surely, but somehow perfected by challenges. Over these many years, I have known both the heights and the depths. What more could one human ask of a long life?

— Ron Talney is a retired trial lawyer, writer and poet

From the very top of Skyland Drive, where Mt. Hood glows on a crisp fall day, down to the river bank where the heron lives, to the Brian Doyle Corner at our library, I am thankful for this place where I live. Surrounded by friends and neighbors, I am secure in knowing that in good times and difficult moments, I am home. I am forever thankful and humbled by the people and beauty in this, our Lake Oswego home.

— Jackie Manz is the Lake Oswego City Council president

JENNY SLEPIAN AND BEARI am grateful that (as of today) my Bear is still with me, and especially grateful for all my friends and family who have taken time out of their lives to support us over the past few months. He and I have some amazing memories from this fall and summer, and I am so grateful for the 3+ months of borrowed time that we have been able to spend together.

— Jenny Slepian is the City of Lake Oswego's management and sustainability analyst

'Friends and family' is a term that has become incredibly generalized, but when I say friends and family, there's meaning behind it. My friends truly brighten my life, and whether it be from talking for hours or laughing to the point of tears, each moment is cherished. And of course, I'll be forever thankful for the support my family has given me, of all the memories only we share. While anyone can say the words 'friends and family,' the feelings of joy and gratitude I have for these people is indescribable.

— Olivia Weng is a member of The Review's Student Writers Advisory Group

GAUDINI'm grateful for one of the greatest things that anyone could have — wonderful relationships with family and friends. I have been lucky and have three adult children, all beautiful young women who are successfully launched, and they give me so much joy! And I have great friendships that developed over the many phases of my 61 years. In fact, my longest friendship has been for 57 years (yikes!), since we were 4 years old and growing up in Bend! And almost unbelievably, we now both live in Lake Oswego, only a couple of miles from each other. (Hello, Mary Watt-Palaniuk!) Life would be pretty meaningless without having these relationships, and I am so grateful for the memories. Cheers to making more!

— Linda Gaudin is a retired nurse practitioner and current knitting teacher

During this Thanksgiving season, I am extremely thankful for my Pacer students and families. They continue to add deep value to my life and I am very grateful for their continued support over the years! Working in Lake Oswego is truly a blessing!

— Jennifer Schiele is the principal of Lakeridge High School

As a member of the City Council, I am grateful for the opportunity to serve the residents of the city. As a resident of the city, I am grateful for the opportunity to be part of the wonderful state of Oregon with all its opportunities and beauty. As a resident of Oregon, I am grateful to be a citizen of the United States, a country that provided opportunities for my parents and grandparents to come to a new country to begin a new life and to prosper. Lastly, I am grateful for the daily opportunities to help others find opportunity, meaning and gratitude in their own lives.

—Jeff Gudman is a Lake Oswego City Councilor

CRONE KNIPPLEI am thankful for the Lake Oswego community and for all of the opportunities to get involved — and find ways that are personally meaningful — to give back and contribute. I am thankful for new friendships through Rotary Club and for deep friendships that were forged years ago in our neighborhood and the kids' schools. I am deeply grateful for my happy, healthy family and the moments, great and small, that we spend together.

— Deanne Crone Knipple is an education consultant and parent of four LOSD students

The nonprofit Lake Oswego Preservation Society is grateful for another community-focused and mission-driven year! We achieved two major goals in 2017. In April, we opened Oregon's newest, and perhaps smallest, museum in the City-owned Iron Company Worker's Cottage at 40 Wilbur St. Our inaugural exhibit celebrates the 150th anniversary of the first iron produced on the Pacific Coast. In September, we partnered with the City's Parks & Recreation Department and the Historic Resources Advisory Board to present Oregon's Iron Jubilee, a community-wide celebration and the first festival to celebrate Lake Oswego's industrial history. In the coming year, we look forward to giving back to our community, as we have each year since our founding in 2011.

— Marylou Colver is the founder and president of the Lake Oswego Preservation Society

It has been such an incredible journey to be living in Lake Oswego with my family for the last two and a half years. My husband and I and our two teenage boys have been so welcomed and embraced. I am thankful to be on the Public Art Committee and volunteering with the Arts Council of Lake Oswego. I am grateful to be on the board for Friends of Luscher Farm. This historic farm and property is such a gem within our community. I feel blessed to be living in such a beautiful place where I am able to enjoy the changes and wonder of each season. I am so happy to hike in the forests, walk along the river and explore the incredible outdoors. I feel so grateful for my family and friends and for all of the new relationships that have blossomed since we moved to Lake Oswego.

— Kathleen Fox Wiens is the manager of Foxy Family Properties

KRISTINE AND CHRISTOPHER BOYERAs with every year, I am keen to remain mindful of how fortunate I am to experience life with my wife Kristine. This year marks our 28th year together, and I feel so thankful for every year we get to live and work side by side. As this has also been a year of tremendous transition, both globally and personally, I am continuously reminded to be thankful for the challenges and the new circumstances I find myself in, for it is in all of these new spaces that I am invited to discover new facets of myself and better orientations for moving forward.

— Christopher Boyer is an instructor at the Academy of Modern Martial Arts and a Lake Oswego Chamber of Commerce board member

HARTMANI am thankful for a community newspaper (the LO Review) that thinks enough of the community to assign an education reporter. I am thankful the paper covers the accomplishments and challenges of educating children to become "contributing world citizens." I am thankful for a community of volunteers who care enough for children to use their time and their dollars to fill in for our local school budget to provide opportunities and an outstanding education every time the state budget doesn't fully fund education anywhere in the State of Oregon. I am exceedingly thankful for our voters who passed the Lake Oswego School District bond to repair buildings for our students, teachers, staff and community. Thank you for investing in our community and our future.

— Liz Hartman is a member of the Lake Oswego School Board

ROSEI am grateful for the community's support for Marylhurst's direction and vision, and for my hard-working, dedicated and innovative colleagues who strive every day to live Marylhurst's mission. I am grateful to be part of this community, and look forward to strengthening the university's ties in Lake Oswego. I am also grateful for my husband who supports me, and for my healthy, smart kids!

— Melody Rose is president of Marylhurst University

As the leaves change colors and the landscape begins to shift, I am reminded how grateful I am for change. Like the trees that let go of their leaves to make room for new growth, I am thankful for the process that allows us to become new people each day. The vivid color of the leaves reflects the vibrancy and abundance I feel in my own life. Deeply rooted to the beauty of ourpast — little moments, relationships and wonder that brought us to where we are — we can reach upward and outward to a hopeful future. For all of this, I am grateful.

— Missy McConkie is a volunteer for the local nonprofit Kenya Keys and the organizer of its annual Run to Mtulu fundraising event

Well — incredibly thankful to live in such a beautiful community as Lake O filled with such happy people living the life they want to lead. Such a dramatic change from life in LA and soooo happy I get to be here — in this delightful place full of forest and river and lake — a little slice of Heaven for this Texas Girl!

— Julie Elizabeth Knell is an actress who lives in Lake Oswego

JAN RIMERMANI am thankful every day that I wake up and can make a difference in the world. Everyone has the power to do it one good deed at a time! The eclipse and the LO Reads Book "Good Morning Midnight" bring life into perspective. Take the high road and do what the right thing is no matter how difficult it may seem to be. My talent is painting and with that I am saving one Western Pond Turtle at a time with Rock...Paper...Turtle...Art for Wetlands in May. I am thankful for the individuals that have the courage to make that difference with their special talents!

— Jan Rimerman is an artist and arts advocate

SCHULTZWe at Lakeridge Junior High have a great many things for which to be thankful. Foremost among them, we can be thankful for and appreciative of each other. The Thanksgiving holiday offers us an opportunity to join in celebrating our thanks with those we care about either in person or from a distance. Our shared reflection and focus on thanks serves as a bridge to span divides among people of different perspectives, backgrounds, cultures, resources and stories. We hope that everyone in our community will spend time thinking and sharing with others the many ways we are more alike than different; identifying how we can be more connected than separate; considering why our diversity is a source of strength; and recommitting to words and actions that continue to make us better together. We wish everyone a restorative and joyful Thanksgiving!

— Kurt Schultz is the principal of Lakeridge Junior High School

I am grateful for many things but especially for my daughter, Betsy, who is recovering from breast cancer surgery and progressing through her treatments.

— Jo Ann Parsons is the coordinator of the Jottings group at the Lake Oswego Adult Community Center

Thanksgiving has been my favorite holiday for more years than I care to admit. All those years of celebrations, losses, challenges, and the rest of the fabric of life have taught me how much I appreciate my family and friends. When I get together with family to give thanks and eat some of my favorite food — I am filled with gratitude!

— Susan Schrader is a volunteer with CureSearch for pediatric cancer research

Having the Garden Time TV show, we are thankful for such a wonderful area where you can grow just about anything your heart desires, and our ability to showcase that on TV, but as Lake Oswego residents we are thankful for such a wonderful community which has allowed us to grow our family, our circle of friends and our business. Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

— Jeff and Theresa Gustin are the producers of the Gustin Creative Group's "Garden Time TV"

TREATI am so very grateful for my wife, Cortney. For the love she has for me, the support she gives me, for the way she challenges me. Forever being my champion at what I do while always holding me accountable. For holding on loosely but never letting go. For knowing when I need her and for allowing me the space to unwind. For being in my heart and in my soul and for the passion we feel and the love we share. For being able to finish my sentence and knowing my thoughts. For being my real life story-book romance. For everything she is and for what she does, I am truly thankful.

— Doug Treat is the traffic lieutenant for the Lake Oswego Police Department

I am so grateful to be having Thanksgiving dinner with my daughter Susan, who taught me to remove the guts bag from the cavity of the turkey before roasting. My new i phone is working again and I thank Maureen from the Apple store for unlocking it so my grandchildren can continue to instruct me.

— Joan Waldron is a member of the Jottings group at the Lake Oswego Adult Community Center

LARSONI am grateful every day for the gifts of our community; it's beauty, spirit and, most of all, the people. My heart is full whenever I have the opportunity to work with our business and city leaders. I appreciate all of the school administrators, teachers and staff who re-dedicate all of themselves to our students, as well as the parents and grandparents who are so invested in our community. The people of Lake Oswego make it a special place. My family and I are thankful to call it home.

— Mary Kay Larson is the executive director of Lake Oswego Schools Foundation

After 50+ years of long work days, three-hour commutes in endless East Coast and Midwestern winters and exhausting business travel, I am deeply grateful for retirement to a good book, warm blanket and cup of hot coffee on a winter afternoon while waiting for the chirp of the first robin to arrive in February. Paradise indeed.

— Peggy Keonjian is a member of the Jottings group at the Lake Oswego Adult Community Center

I am thankful to live in a community that embraces my child and offers opportunities for her to develop a spirit of care and concern for the vulnerable in our world. Happy Fall!

— Sara Szwarc is a parishioner at Our Lady of the Lake Catholic Church

Why my grandsons, of course! They bring so much joy and laughter and pulled me through a tough year of my mom's failing health and losing my dad. There is nothing like seeing their little faces ligh t up!

— Pam Halvorsen is a longtime Lake Oswego resident and devoted grandmother

GATEWOODI am grateful for the little kindnesses and loving gestures from family and friends — a smile, a hug, a shared pot of tea. I am thankful for the small pleasures like watching red leaves fall outside my window while listening to Leonard Cohen's "Hallelujah."

— Jacquelyn Gatewood is a member of the Jottings group at the Lake Oswego Adult Community Center

This year and always, I'm filled with thanksgiving for all of my family, friends and the Lord Jesus for His love and gift of salvation. As a multi-generation resident, the community holds a warm place in my heart for its beauty, servant leaders, and shared values of dedication to Oswego's quality of life. I choose — Thankful, Grateful and Joyful — today and always.

— Beth Oliphant Hoover is a second-generation Lake Oswego resident, civic leader and philanthropist

I'm thankful to live in a community that is both beautiful and healthy. The wonderful friends that I have remind me to live in the present moment and enjoy it all daily.

— Diana Del Garbino is an owner and trainer at Muscles in Motion

SALINASI am thankful that two tours in Vietnam didn't end the life of my father and he returned home to marry my mom. I'm thankful my mom said yes to the marriage proposal and for the memories I've made with her even though she can't retrieve them. I'm thankful for working at an ill-suited job where my best friend finally asked me out on a date and then for my hand in a life-long partnership. I'm thankful for the spirited, strong-willed daughter we've raised for 12 years. I'm thankful for the community that surrounded me as a child and the community that supports my family as an adult. I'm immensely thankful that I've been able to carve my own path in this life despite the scrapes, bumps and bruises along the way. I've collected a trove of treasured friends, warm memories and hope for a bright future.

— Andrea Salinas is the state representative for House District 38

FISCHERSix weeks ago, my second grandson, Jack, was born to join his 2-year-old brother Augie in this world. I had the wonderful privilege of traveling over a thousand miles to be of service a week after he was born. To care for my strong, amazing daughter who conquered over 30 hours of labor, I was honored to play horsie, rhino and hippo with Augie in between vacuuming, doing laundry, holding precious Jack and washing a million dishes. My heart was so full with the wonder of caring so deeply for this precious little family that multiple times, I was literally brought to tears.

Like so many others, I have the privilege of working to make our community better and I do it fully with the knowledge that it is up to us to leave this world better for all our children. I am so thankful that I can funnel all the love in my heart to work that matters.

— Sonya Fischer is a Clackamas County commissioner

As I reflect back on this past year, I'm thankful I'm still alive to make a contribution to this article. I'm thankful for the many opportunities I've had this year to pursue my writing and storytelling skills. My new venture is bringing history to life telling stories about Lake Oswego's leading lady pioneers. I was blessed to have had a fantastic hospitality team to work with at Lakewood Center organizing the luncheons for the Associates for four years. I was also blessed to have had a good support team this year for the annual historic home tour and more sponsored by the Oswego Heritage Council. And I continue to be supported in my efforts writing the "From Our Vault" column. Hugs to all the new friends I've made this year. Wishing everyone a wonderful day of gratitude.

— Nancy Dunis is a member of the Oswego Heritage Council board

DAWN GRUNWALDI have so many things to be thankful for. I feel so fortunate to have found a career path here at Luscher Farm with the City that really suits me. I look forward to coming to the farm every day to get things done and work alongside City staff. I love bringing people together and watching the changing beauty of the seasons. It's very satisfying to see more and more folks enjoying the farm every year. I'm also blessed with a loving family and great friends and co-workers. Life is good.

— Dawn Grunwald is the farm coordinator at Luscher Farm

I'm thankful not only on Thanksgiving but each and every day for the freedom we all have because of our veterans that fought and died for us. Just take a moment and think back, if we had not prevailed in WWII what would our world be like? I'm thankful for the beautiful family I have, my wife, my children and grandchildren and some very awesome friends. Also for my parents who guided me to respect all people and my faith in God.

— Bob Hill is chair of the Lake Oswego Veterans Memorial

I am thankful for the opportunity to succeed and make life worthwhile — it is too short for conflict.

— Hans Streckenbach is a professional personal trainer at Muscles in Motion

JIM RATHBUNI have much to be thankful for. A wonderful wife (who many know from LOHS), a beautiful daughter Margaux (LOHS graduate) who shines at all she does, and her husband Jeff who is the best. They are what count and I am most thankful for them. I'm also thankful to call Lake Oswego my home as were my parents and grandparents. This has always been a special place with a true sense of community and a story-book heritage.

I am thankful to have been asked to contribute to that heritage as last summer's Chair of LO's Car/Boat Show — giving back to one's home town is always a gift. And I am thankful that Mary Goodall rallied our (then smaller) community to save the giant sequoia at Safeway. With Christmas lights on, it is a shining reminder of how much we all have to be thankful for.

— Jim Rathbun is a member of the Oswego Heritage Council's board of directors; he chaired the 2017 Car and Boat Show

It is an understatement to write how immensely thankful I am for my family. My wife, Kristine, is the most patient and wonderful wife that I could ever imagine. She helps make me a better person and father, that's for sure. My kids, Parker and Rachel, bring me so much joy and pride. Watching them grow into smart, funny and caring teenagers has been very special to see. They even laugh at my corny jokes, occasionally. (I didn't intend for that to rhyme.) I'm also thankful for my in-laws, also LO residents, who warmly welcomed me into the family so many years ago and have let me stay married to their daughter! Lastly, I will my thank my immediate neighbors for being so generous and kind to our family over the past five years. Whether I need gardening, wine or dental advice you've been there with smiles on your faces. It's always enjoyable running into you out in the yard or up at the mailbox for either a quick chat or lengthy discussion. Here's hoping that never changes!

— Brian Williams is a member of the Pacific Giant Vegetable Growers

BARMANI'm thankful that my fellow citizens supported the bond that will allow our schools to make really needed improvements. I wasn't surprised, just reinvigorated to live in a community that comes together for our children. Thank you, neighbors.

— Bob Barman is a member of the Lake Oswego School Board

I am grateful to be part of an organization, the Lake Oswego Sustainability Network (LOSN), that is contributing to the well-being of our community. LOSN is a community non-profit that works to promote a sustainable future for Lake Oswego. Creating a community that cares about the future (we passed the School Bond!), cares about our environment (our parks have such incredible stewards and our watershed council has worked to promote healthy streams in our watershed), cares about our neighbors (our disaster planning is going gangbusters), this is what LOSN wants to promote. We have some tremendous Partners and Action Teams with phenomenal Leaders who are creating positive change in our community. I couldn't feel prouder of the work we are doing together. And I couldn't be more grateful to be a part of it and am so thankful for all the friends I've made through our endeavors.

— Mary Ratcliff is a member of the Lake Oswego Sustainability Network

This time of year makes me stop again and continue thinking about my gratefulness. I have a long list, but I am most grateful every day for my faith, sweet family and amazing friends and co-workers. My life is very full with all of these gifts of love for and from everyone. We were to move to Lake Oswego for two years and it has now been 41 years, and we are very blessed still in this community.

— Mary Kelly is the Lake Oswego Parks & Recreation Department's volunteer coordinator

I am thankful to have all my beautiful friends and family in my life. Without them I wouldn't be the person I am today!

— Tyler Wood is a professional personal trainer at Muscles in Motion

I am thankful for moments of wonder and awe that awaken my senses — forest hikes, my granddaughter's first sweet words, the soft, warm fur of my dogs, and the taste of wine! I'm thankful for the kindness I witness everyday working with seniors, and for the stories and gems of wisdom they share with me. Knowing these people makes me a better person. I am thankful for work that challenges me — mentally, physically and spiritually. And most of all, I am thankful for the pleasure of friends and family who I love and lean on. I am grateful for all of it!

— Lisa Oetken is the director of life enrichment at The Springs at Carman Oaks

I am thankful to have the opportunity to make people feel better, healthier and happier!

— Stefanie Feltre is a licensed massage therapist at Muscles in Motion

Please count me grateful for the bountiful presence of authors and visual artists, especially in Lake Oswego!

— Joan Maiers is a writing professor at Marylhurst University and founder of the Peregrine Literatary Series.

I am thankful I have the opportunity to live in Lake Oswego as it is so very beautiful; following my passion makes everyday feel like a blessing!

— Jess Martin is the client services representative with Muscles in Motion

VANCEThe only problem I have in writing about thankfulness is knowing where to stop.

I am thankful to work at a job I love, chronicling the great accomplishments of the great young athletes in both Lake Oswego and West Linn. I am thankful for the support of my company in doing that job, and for the committed professionals I work with, including the other talented sports editors who work for Pamplin Media Group and the dedicated editors and reporters at the Lake Oswego Review and West Linn Tidings.

I am thankful for my marriage of 25 years to my wife, Bonnie, and for the great relationships I have with my two grown children, Haley and Devin. I am thankful that we love each other, like each other and respect each other despite our differences. I am thankful for my health, which includes too much weight and a couple modest medications, but which still allows me to work, to golf (occasionally), to play softball, to walk and to ride my bike without pain.

I am thankful for my church (Murrayhill Christian in Beaverton) which gives me opportunities to serve and give, and which surrounds me with friends, love, respect, wisdom and perspective.

I am thankful for the beautiful, energetic, caring and vibrant part of the world where I live and work, and for the many freedoms our flawed but wonderful country still provides and protects.

— Miles Vance is the sports editor for the Lake Oswego Review and West Linn Tidings and prep sports editor for Pamplin Media Group

I'm thankful for the continued health and happiness of my family as we've embarked on this new adventure to the Pacific Northwest together. We've been so fortunate to join a community where every day we find a reason to tell each other, "Everyone here is so nice!" As we head into our first winter here, we're continually greeted with big smiles, open arms, helping hands, advice and encouragement in what is already a magnificently beautiful place.

— Justin Hooper, who recently moved with his family to Lake Oswego, is the owner of Undnyable

I am thankful to live in a beautiful city where both the beach and mountain are just a short drive away.

— Patrick Long is a professional personal trainer at Muscles in Motion

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