Vet’s care is the highest standard

Thank you for the terrific article about Lisa Moffenbeier (July 4) with the Parkway Veterinary Hospital. We recently had to say goodbye to a loving friend of 14½ years, and Lisa came to our home to assist with his departure.Making the decision that the time has come to euthanize a pet is heartbreaking and difficult. The obvious care, kindness and respect that was bestowed on our friend and my wife and I was done with a great deal of sincerity and greatly helped in making a very sad day a little bit easier to take.We have been with Dr. Takashima’s practice for many years and more than a few pet crises, and I can share that the level of care, and caring, has always been of the highest standard.

Tom Apperson

Lake Oswego

‘No one should go hungry’ in the U.S.

Congress separated food assistance (SNAP) from the recently passed Farm Bill.

For those who look only at the “bottom line,” get out and lobby for increased SNAP funding because it brings $1.79 into our Oregon economy for every tax dollar spent on the Supplemantal Food Assistance Program.

For all of us it is there to help when times are tough, as times still are today. No one should go hungry in this great country of the U.S.A.

Marilyn Newton


Contract Publishing

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