I had the opportunity to view the Lake Oswego City Council meeting of Sept. 10 on TVCTV and listen to statements associated with filling Mr. Kehoe’s vacant council position.

I thank councilors Jordan, Gustafson and O’Neill for their honesty and for their commitment to ensure that they press their agenda on the issue of sensitive lands. Both Jordan and Gustafson stated “fresh eyes” would be a good place to re-start the council.

Unfortunately, this is not reflective of what the voters wanted. When I voted for Mr. Kehoe, I didn’t want “fresh eyes.” I wanted eyes that reflected my view. As a citizen, I took the time to vet candidates and voted based on changes I wanted to see. The catch here was that council members should have tasked themselves with the will of the people and should have selected the candidate who most closely aligned with Kehoe’s political beliefs. 

Selfishly, O’Neill, Gustafson and Jordan toyed with the democratic process and attempted to apply playground terms to politics in the form of a “do-over” — yet another opportunity to give the “appearance” of honoring citizens’ views.

Gustafson, Jordan and O’Neill all conceded that Ms. Hughes is knowledgeable about Lake Oswego city issues and all testified that they know her well. The problem for them is they didn’t want to elect someone who is knowledgeable and they surely didn’t want to vote for someone who opposes their solidified views on sensitive lands.

They openly punished Ms. Hughes for speaking out, for being a citizen advocate, chastised her for writing letters to the Lake Oswego Review and for volunteering her time to help citizens create a public forum for debate. They unabashedly attacked Ms. Hughes for doing her citizen’s duty of inserting herself in the democratic process. An attack, which I hope will be publicly reprimanded by Mayor Studebaker.

On record they stated she is a force to be reckoned with. In secret, they fear her strength of character. To that end, they “sighted” my eyes to the cruelties of local politics and proven their own eyes to be “blind.” 

Isabel Sturman is a resident of Lake Oswego.

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