It is my honor to be this year’s Lake Oswego Schools Foundation campaign chairperson. We have two goals this year: raise $2 million and increase parent participation to 80 percent. Miller

I am often asked, “Why donate to the foundation?” There are so many excellent reasons that all help to make our school district exceptional. But there is one primary reason my husband and I donate to the foundation. I know other people who have two reasons, four, five or even six reasons. Our one primary reason we donate is for our son, William.

William is a freshman who loves math and science. He likes the visual aspects of geometry and is inspired by his biology labs. He has teachers who pique his interests in English, geography and other subjects, too. He has been fortunate throughout his academic career at Lake Oswego schools to have access to small class sizes, gifted instructors and a wide selection of interesting electives.

Another reason we donate is because our schools are a large part of the fabric of our wonderful community. Many families move to Lake Oswego for the exceptional schools; perhaps your family is one of them, just like we are. We enjoy the amenities Lake Oswego has to offer and the life the kids breathe in to the community.

As I mentioned earlier, a goal is to increase participation, which is not limited to school families — this is community wide. There are more than 6,800 kids in our Lake Oswego schools, and that’s more than 6,800 reasons to donate to the foundation because we are all invested one way or another in their education. These are all excellent reasons to donate:

  • Your child graduated from Lake Oswego schools.
  • You’re the grandparent of a child in Lake Oswego schools.
  • You’re the business owner where Lake Oswego schools’ parents and kids shop.
  • You’re the aunt or uncle of a child in Lake Oswego schools.
  • You’re a Lake Oswego school alum.
  • Your neighborhood has kids in Lake Oswego schools.

    I donate to the foundation for William, the other 6,800 Lake Oswego School students and our community. Please join me in supporting the Lake Oswego Schools Foundation. Let’s reach $2 million! You can donate online at or call 503-534-2106.

    Thank you for helping to keep our schools outstanding.

    Chris Miller is a resident of Lake Oswego and chair of Lake Oswego Schools Foundation campaign.

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