Let’s build Block 137

Many thanks to Patrick Kessi and his company for sticking with the process and redesigning Block 137 (the Wizer Block). It looks wonderful.

You have done everything that the Development Review Commission asked and more.Now, let’s get it built!

Lynne Wintermute

Lake Oswego

Help us preserve LO’s landmark properties

Advocacy is the most challenging aspect of the non-profit Lake Oswego Preservation Society’s mission of supporting Lake Oswego’s historic fabric through advocacy and education. We steadfastly believe that if we don’t advocate on behalf of threatened landmark properties, we are not fulfilling our mission.

The Society has testified on behalf of every threatened home on the City of Lake Oswego’s Landmark Designation List since our founding in 2011. In this timeframe, public hearings have been held regarding proposed major exterior alterations or delisting of five of our 43 landmark homes: Carman House, Jantzen Estate, Duncan House, Black House and Van Houten House.

We believe that our actions speak louder than words. Additional advocacy work of the Society includes:

1) In 2012, we nominated the 1855 Carman House, the oldest house in Lake Oswego, to Oregon’s Most Endangered Places List;

2) We lobbied on behalf of maintenance incentives for landmark homeowners;

3) We worked to protect and enhance language in the city’s comprehensive plan regarding historic resources;

4) We serve as one of the two city-recommended resources for documenting buildings more than 50 years old which are slated for demolition;

5) We are working to change code requirements regarding demolitions;

6) We submit letters to the editor to maintain public awareness of preservation issues;

7) We speak to groups regarding the social, economic, and environmental benefits of building retention; and8) In partnership with the city, we co-hosted a free, community screening of the documentary “The Greenest Building,” which cinematically examines preservation’s triple bottom-line benefits.

If you would like to be instrumental in preserving our built heritage for future generations, please support the Lake Oswego Preservation Society through your tax-deductible membership or donation. For more information, please visit

Marylou Colver

Lake Oswego

Contract Publishing

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