Most seniors at the West Linn Adult Community Center aren’t big fans of New Year’s resolutions. Who knows if we’ll be around long enough to see them through? Here, though, are a few resolutions that might appeal to even the most reluctant resolution-maker.

  • Resolve to gain weight. When rain or cold keep you inside, you’re gonna eat too much. Accept it.
  • Resolve not to exercise. It’s just too hard to get outside in Oregon’s winter weather, especially on a full stomach.
  • Resolve to buy a few of those insulated faucet covers in the next few days before they’re all gone in the middle of our next winter storm.
  • Resolve to put in that gas or wood stove. Whatever fun there may be in our winter storms, it always disappears one hour after the electricity goes off.
  • Resolve to lay in enough wine to pass the siege. It’s important to keep your spirits up.
  • Resolve to not watch more than three weather updates per day from the television. They are self-contradictory and bad-mood inducing. Go outside, look around and make plans based on what you see.
  • Another resolution you might consider is to make no resolutions at all. This approach has a lot of appeal: you can’t, after all, fail.

    On the other hand, adopting this approach won’t win you many awards for ambition, either.

    Here are the upcoming week’s activities. Call the center at 503-557-4704 for specific times and possible fees. Also, all lunches listed below are subject to change, but only for the better.

    Friday, Jan. 3

    Computer instruction (by appointment), core strength, strength and balance, Peripatetic Walkers, aerobics, painting, whist card group, pinochle, Texas Hold’em poker.

    Lunch entrée will be roasted chicken.

    Monday, Jan. 6

    Tai chi, Peripatetic Walkers, woodcarving, aerobics, hand and foot card game, bridge. Lunch entrée will be spaghetti and meatballs.

    Tuesday, Jan. 7

    Computer instruction (by appointment), core strength, strength and balance, gentle yoga, Nia, Honoring Our Memories writing group, pinochle, Ukulele Strummers.

    Wednesday, Jan. 8

    Peripatetic Walkers, kettlebell exercise, chair aerobics, gardening group, line dancing, WLACC board meeting, book club, pinochle and drama class. Birthday brunch will be served at noon.

    Thursday, Jan. 9

    Computer instruction (by appointment), foot clinic, core strength, strength and balance, gentle yoga, Nia, knitting/crocheting, bridge and drama class.

    WLACC Gift Shop

    Come visit the best-kept shopping secret in town: the WLACC Gift Shop. Local artist Patricia Gayle hand paints purses and she specializes in refurbishing purses and clothing by painting pictures from photos onto them. Pricing depends on the size and intricacy of the painting. Come take a look at her work in our gift shop, and contact Veronica through the front desk for more info. The shop is open Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. Cash, checks and well-behaved children are always welcome.

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