West Linn Adult Community Center to welcome new baby, baby shower held

SUBMITTED PHOTO - Tiffany Carlson, the senior centers building coordinator, was honored with a baby shower recently. Her baby is expected next month.

During daylight hours, when seniors populate the West Linn Adult Community Center, there are precious few babies in evidence.

Politicians looking for infants to kiss, look elsewhere. Even scarcer are pregnant women. Moms, yes. Grandmas, in spades. Great-grandmas, aplenty. So when one of our own expects to give birth to her first child sometime next month, everyone rejoices.

So it was a couple weeks ago when the seniors of the WLACC held a baby shower for Tiffany Carlson, the city's building coordinator. Carlson and husband, Matt, are going through the final preparations of all expecting parents before welcoming what the doctors say will be a healthy Baby Carlson.

The shower — organized by Marie Horvath, Donna Baker, Carole Lukas and others, and with cake balls donated by Cindy Blake — began with tables full of colorfully wrapped gifts, balloons and cake. Pencils and paper were circulated on which guesses were hazarded about Carlson's girth, with measurements to follow. The three men in attendance appeared clueless.

With the help of Lukas and Claudia Guest, each gift was delivered to Carlson who was masterful at graciously accepting and acknowledging each one. Much of the baby clothing was pink, hand-made and adorable, and as Carlson displayed the unwrapped contents, "oohs," echoed around the room.

When the last of the gifts was opened, and cake and coffee were being served, Celeste Rose called for the group's attention to announce that none of the gift-givers wanted a thank-you note. Verbal thanks would suffice.

Then a tape measure was produced, and Carlson endured the indignity of having her belly's circumference calibrated. The winner? Lloyd Haatia! The prize? Tulips! Following this, Carlson expressed her sincere gratitude to all the WLACC ladies for their thoughtfulness and generosity.

All that was left for Carlson to do was get the gifts into her car and home to a husband who was beginning to feel the need of a storage locker to accommodate all of Baby Carlson's new possessions. And there was little doubt that when little Baby Carlson shows up at the WLACC, there will be lines of senior ladies waiting to hold her.

Questions? Call Tiffany Carlson at 503-557-4704. We are located at 1180 Rosemont Road, West Linn 97068.

The lunch menu this week features cacophonous corned beef, colcannon (mashed potatoes and cabbage), carrots and Irish shortbread on Friday, March 17; callow curried chicken, couscous pilaf, roasted asparagus and chai-spiced sugar cookies on Monday, March 20; and tautological turkey sandwiches, Asian corn and chicken soup with Asian slaw and raspberry cupcakes on Wednesday, March 22. Cost is still $5 per person.

Doug Dickston is a member and volunteer at the West Linn Adult Community Center.

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