by: CORY MIMMS - The Molalla Fire Department spraying out the remaining hotspots of a brush fire that started on July 16.A brush fire started on South Wilhoit Road Tuesday, July 16. It was contained by crew members of Pacific Foundation, a geotechnical construction firm based in Vancouver, Wash. The workers used hand tools to keep the fire from spreading, while they awaited the Molalla Fire Department.

“They did a really good job,” Fire Chief Vince Stafford said.

It’s uncertain what started the fire. The Pacific Foundation team was working near the bridge close to 34401 S. Wilhoit when they noticed the fire across the road from their storage container.

By the time the fire department arrived, the workers had the flames out. The firefighters sprayed water onto the remaining hot spots and into the surrounding brush.

A wall of green lines the road in that area, but despite its appearance, the brush is actually quite dry this time of year and the dead growth on the ground catches fire quite easily, Stafford said, adding that the hot and dry weather is supposed to continue.

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