A masked man in his 20s, wielding a knife, demanded money from the register and escaped on foot.

by: CONTRIBUTED BY MOLALLA POLICE DEPARTMENT - A view of the armed robbery suspect leaving the Molalla Subway Tuesday after pulling a knife on the restaurant manager and demanding cash from the register.An armed robber walked into Subway restaurant in downtown Molalla at 8:52 a.m. Tuesday, jumped up on the counter, pulled a knife and demanded money from the register.

Subway manager Gail Perrot said at that time, she was working alone in the restaurant, located on North Molalla Avenue, across the street from the police station.

Perrot said two customers were at the counter when a young man in his 20s came through the front door, walked right past the customers and jumped up on the counter.

The young man, dressed in black pants and a black, hooded coat, was wearing a black scarf over the lower part of his face.

“At first I thought it was joke, but then when the knife came out, I knew it wasn’t a joke,” Perrot said. He told me ‘open the register’ and pointed the knife at me. He wasn’t even concerned there were customers there as witnesses.”

When the two customers, a young man and his mother, realized what was happening, Perrot said they ran out the front door and called 911.

“I was very scared,” she said. “He took the money from the register and started to leave, but then he came back. I thought he was going to stab me, so I ran out the back door. But a video later showed that he had come back to wipe his finger prints off the counter.”

Perrot said the robber ran out the front door and took off across a nearby field between the restaurant and a lumber store, with one of the customers, a young man named Jason, chasing after him.

The customer told police a car was waiting for the suspect, but the customer was not able to get a license plate number or to catch up with man before he took off in the car.

The suspect is still at large.

Police said the suspect wielded a long-bladed knife and got an undetermined amount of cash from the register. He is described as a white male between the ages of 18 and 24, about 5'10" tall, with a skinny build, and his blacked coat had fur around the hood. According to police, the suspect was seen getting into a white older Honda Passport. Witnesses say the vehicle was being driven by a female with blonde hair. The Molalla Police Department is requesting you call 503-655-8211 if you have any information about this incident.

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