After a four-month hiatus from October to January, Grooming at Tiffani’s doors re opened. The shop has been extremely busy since, owner Tiffani Meska said.

Meska specializes in grooming high-stress, difficult animals.

“I have a lot of great dogs and clients,” she said, but she handles many dogs with medical or personality issues. To handle difficult animals, Meska runs a “calm, relaxing” shop. She schedules animals one at a time, so the shop isn’t chaotic and stressful for the animal, Meska said.

by: CORY MIMMS - Tiffani Meska's Grooming at Tiffani's is doing well since reopening in JanuaryMeska began training as a groom in 2002, completing a one-year apprenticeship. She spent time grooming for vets, has worked in kennels, and has taken groomer courses as well. The varied experience provides her with knowledge to deal with “hard animals,” she said.

Meska, who lives in Colton, opened the Molalla shop in February 2013. Before that, she was working out of a shop in Hubbard, Ore.

“I did great there,” she said, but “I like it here … [Molalla’s business community] is like a family.”

Grooming at Tiffani’s is typically open Tuesday through Saturday. Meska prefers her clients make appointments, she said, as she likes to keep the shop’s environment as calm as possible, but she also will take the occasional walk in, if she can.

Many of her regular clients are from the local area, but she said she also has lots of travelling clients who pass through Molalla on occasion and always stop in to get their animals groomed.

Meska also provides cat grooming. “As long as the cat will allow me to do it,” she said, laughing.

Grooming at Tiffani’s sells a small selection of pet products as well, but Meska said that’s not her priority. “My concern is the health, safety and cleanliness of the dog.”

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