by: MOLALLA POLICE DEPARTMENT - This Molalla school bus collided with a car on Molalla Avenue and Shirley Street in February. The bus driver was cited for careless driving. First Student school bus driver Jim Gerbig was cleared in Molalla Municipal Court April 22 on charges of careless driving.

Gerbig had been cited by a Molalla Police officer in a Feb. 12 accident at Molalla Avenue and Shirley Street in which the bus collided with a passenger car as the bus pulled into traffic on Molalla Avenue.

This was the fifth traffic accident in two years involving a Molalla First Student bus.

Gerbig’s attorney, Dan Hitt, said Molalla Municipal Court Judge Rodney Grafe ruled that Gerbig was not at fault in the collision.

“The judge said the citation was dismissed, and that he didn’t think Mr. Gerbig had done anything wrong,” Hitt said.

Gerbig said a video camera located in the bus recorded the crash.

Gerbig said the video recording showed that the car was traveling North on Molalla Avenue as the bus pulled into the northbound lane from Shirley. He said the car’s driver attempted to pass the bus after the bus had slowed to a stop on Molalla while making the turn. Gerbig said he did not lose any time from work as a result of the incident.

“But this has been a monkey on my back for two months,” Gerbig said. “I just want to have my named cleared.”

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