The Molalla Aquatic District is one step closer to becoming a bond measure on the May 2017 ballot

SUBMITTED PHOTO - Molalla Pool volunteers gathered on Dec. 10 to celebrate collecting the required number of signatures for the May 2017 ballot. Back row: Glen Kirkpatrick, Pat Eaton, Delores Shortridge, Laurie Donald, Dinah Roberts, Tom Phay, Roger Sprague, Ed & Jolene Cummings. Front row: Marilyn Bloch, Sue Gee, Judy Sprague, Virginia Yoder, Paula Beck.
Volunteers who worked to collect the required number of petition signatures to get the Molalla Aquatic District formation on the May 2017 ballot celebrated their victory last week.

The group, called Citizens for Molalla Aquatic District worked for months gathering signatures for the Petition to Form the Molalla Aquatic District. In November, Marilyn Bloch and Paula Beck handed over more than 600 signature sheets to Rick Gill, business manager of the Molalla River School District. Gill promptly turned the sheets into the county for verification.

Then just recently, the group received certification from Clackamas County that the pool petition contains more than the required number of valid signatures to be put on the May 2017 ballot.

A letter from County Clerk Sherry Hall stated that she had compared the signatures on the petition with signatures as they appear on voter registration cards in her office.

“From such information as I have been able to obtain, I believe that the signatures numbering 2,059 are genuine,” Hall wrote.

A minimum of 1,946 signatures were required for this petition, which represents 15 percent of the voter registration in the Molalla River School District. The registration for this district in November 2016 was 12,967.

Bloch said the next step is for the Clackamas County Commissioners to hold a public hearing regarding the petition to establish a recreation district to operate the now closed Molalla Pool.

The volunteers are waiting for the notice of that hearing.

Gathering signatures for the petition was truly a community effort over several months this summer and fall, with about 50 Molalla-area residents volunteering.

Those who gathered signatures include: Glen Kirkpatrick, Pat Eaton, Delores Shortridge, Laurie Donald, Dinah Roberts, Tom Phay, Roger Sprague, Ed and Jolene Cummings, Marilyn Bloch, Sue Gee, Judy Sprague, Virginia Yoder and Paula Beck. Other community members who helped gather signatures were: Sharon Allen, Hendy Appleton, Miri Carr, Kymberlee Bergeson, Eileen Boss, Steve Boss, Sandra Cole, Lynda Countryman, Pat Cronin, Edan Donaldson, Anita Eller, Christa Fittinger, Terry Floyd, Louise Fraser, Karla Koch-Johnson, Rosie Kraxberger, Susan Marcott, Stacy Ogilvy, Jalynn Orr, Devon Pattie, Lorraine Peters, Vicky Reafsnyder, Donna Russell, Michelle Stoneking, Bill Russell, Charlie Williams, and Susan Williams.

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