Should voters pass Measure 3-516 to form the Molalla Aquatict District, a board of directors for the district would be needed

PIONEER FILE PHOTO - The community has been locked out of the Molalla Aquatic Center since city of Molalla administrators closed it down in 2014. Measure 3-516 would reopen the pool for Molalla school district residents by creating a Molalla Aquatic District.Although voters in the area may be aware of Measure 3-516: Creation of a Molalla Aquatic District, many may not be aware that candidates for the aquatic district's board of directors are also on the ballot.

Altogether, six candidates are vying for the five seats on the board, should the measure be passed by the voters.

"Personally, I think the promise of decisions and oversight by a board of local people who are dedicated to the pool as a priority is huge — super important in terms of safeguarding the resource."said Lucy Allison-Pursley, a leader in the Friends of the Molalla Pool organization.

Following is a brief rundown of the candidates for Molalla Aquatic District Director.


Retired from a career inTelecommunications, Beck graduated from Portland State University. Prior Governmental Experience included her time as a Molalla Public Library Board member.

"I feel strongly the Molalla Pool should be reopened to the public," Beck said. " I served with the committee including representatives of the city of Molalla and the Molalla River School District to explore ways to reopen the pool. The only viable option we found was the establishment of an independent district to fund the operation and maintenance of the pool.

"As a director of the new aquatic district, my goal would be to provide affordable and accessible recreation, fitness and educational services to our community. I believe the Molalla Aquatic District must use its revenue wisely and in a manner that assures the community of its efficiency. Permanent closure of the pool would be a waste of the taxpayer money already spent to build it. An independent board of directors dedicated to the aquatic center can concentrate on careful, appropriate spending of public funds."


A retired home health aide for those with disabilities, librarian and teacher, Bloch attended Stanford University, studying psychology, pre-medicine and earned a degree from University of Oregon, in education.

Her prior governmental experience includes serving on the Molalla Area Seniors Board of Directors and the Molalla River Watch Board of Directors.

"I'd like to see Molalla have a place to learn to swim and engage in a fun, healthy activity," Bloch said. "I'd like to know there's a way for senior and injured folks to regain and maintain our mobility. I'd like to see the beautiful pool built by us open for our use.


I am running for a position of Aquatic Board Director to help ensure the Molalla pool will remain a valuable resource for our community. I miss swimming laps myself, but more importantly, I

believe the pool is important for recreation, physical fitness, safety training, and jobs for everyone else. My background in office and sales management, as well as serving on the Board of the Portland Saturday Market for four years, one year as chair, gives me valuable experience for this position. I also worked on different committees for the last two years to get the pool on the ballot.

With your yes vote I will do my best to help our pool thrive!


Co-owner of Northwest Transplants, Lucht attended Oregon State University studying horticultural science.

Prior governmental experience includes East Valley Water District; Former director Molalla River School District; Current school board member.

"I am proud to have been serving on the Molalla River School Board for the past five years," Lucht said. "During this time, I have worked with all the stake holders to preserve the tax payer's investment in our excellent community pool, by serving on the school districts pool committee. My experience in serving on public boards will help this new district start out on the right foot.

I believe in strict accountability of the publics investment dollars.

I believe that failing to plan for the future is planning to fail. We must plan and invest wisely to ensure that this swimming resource is viable and available to the future generations of Molalla area citizens. I would appreciate your support in involving our community in this task."


Office Assistant at Sandy's Mini Storage in Molalla, she graduated from Chemeketa Community College with a drafting technology, Associate Science Degree.

Prior Governmental Experience includes serving on the Maple Grove School Budget Committee.

"I believe our goal as a district is to operate the Molalla public pool year round and to provide affordable recreation, competitive swimming for our youth, as well as the enjoyment of fitness for people of all ages and abilities in our community," Ferlan said. "My mother was working toward building a community pool with the committee back in the 1960's. She was never a good swimmer and wanted her children to learn to become safe swimmers and enjoy the water. In her legacy and on behalf of the original pool committee, I am willing to commit to the success of the Molalla Pool as an asset to our entire community."


Owner of Milk Creek Mercantile Co., she earned a Masters of Science at Oregon State University and a Bachelors of Science at University of Portland.

Her prior governmental experience includes Canby Gators Swim Club board member, and a Certified Official - USA Swimming, 2011 – present.

"Molalla has an amazing swimming facility centered in the heart of town that can offer so much to the community," she said. "I believe that everyone should know how to swim, even if it is at the most basic level. Teaching children to swim at an early age helps to keep them safe and prevent accidental drownings in our local rivers and backyard pools. Swimming provides a low-impact form of exercise for people of all ages, especially beneficial for the active aging adult community.

"Aside from the benefits to individuals, the pool can be used to host swim meets that will bring in people from outside the area, bringing in revenue to local businesses."

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