To the editor:

In response to the letter from Mike Wagner, chairman of the Mulino Hamlet, regarding conservative citizens not going along with his plans for creating a full intersection at Mulino Road and Highway 213, complete with traffic light and taking out of the Beauty Salon.

I was elected to the Hamlet board of directors and elected as the secretary/treasurer of that board on the day the Hamlet was formed. I have worked with Mike Wagner for that entire time, and although we don't always agree, I have found him amicable to work with. When he wrote up the Community Plan for Mulino it seemed like a reasonable document, so citizens voted to adopt it and present it to the Board of County Commissioners.

In actually going through it in greater detail, citizens noticed major flaws in the document. I admit I should have read it before voting on it (my Nancy Pelosi moment, sorry). It has become apparent that the majority of citizens who are involved in coming to the Hamlet meetings don't like the whole idea of creating an intersection in the middle of the community.

I feel it is my first and foremost responsibility as an elected board member to follow the will of the people. If that makes me conservative, then so be it. The purpose of the Hamlet is not to transform the community against it's will, but to be a resource for the various businesses, school, clubs and organizations, families and citizens in implementing things they want or need.

When it became apparent that citizens didn’t like his plans, Mike did what good liberals do — he ran and hid behind the children.

The staff at Mulino School and the parents and school board are more concerned with the safety of the children than Mike will ever be. That is why there has never been an accident involving a child on the road between the two schools. Citizens drive super cautious through there because they do care. It is becoming evident that there is some other motive for wanting this project to go through, and I would like Mr. Wagner to tell us what that is.

I too would like to invite the citizens of Mulino to come to next months meeting and give us a vote we can be confidant with. I stand for children safety, citizen input being respected and followed, and transparency in motives from the elected board members.

Laurel Roses



This past week has been delightful here in Molalla with parades, rodeos, and the hustle and bustle of summer. On Saturday afternoon I took my granddaughter for a ride up the Corridor. We were delighted with what we found. Having served on the Dept. of Justice Weed and Seed grant, I am well aware of what the scene used to be up there. Instead of loud crowds, litter, etc. we found clean day use areas and new group camping (opening up next year) to be welcoming. Lots of people young and old were up there enjoying the river and trails. A family from West Linn was amazed with their outing saying they thought all that Molalla had was flat land & the rodeo. They were excited to venture further up river. A big thank you goes to the BLM, State and County Policing agencies and Karen Graves for her dedication to cleaning up the Corridor. We’ll most certainly be up the river again very soon.

Bev Spilseth



To the editor:

On behalf of the Molalla Area Chamber of Commerce and the parade committee I would like to thank all the participants of the 2013 Giant street parade. I get told what a wonderful job I did organizing the parade and that it was so great, but the reality is without all the entries it would be nothing. So thank you to all of you who spent time washing and decorating your cars and big rigs. Thanks to those of you who spent hours decorating your floats. Thank you for grooming your horses and putting ribbons and flowers on them. Thanks to all of the dancers and band participants, who put in hours of practice getting ready to perform for us in the parade. Thank you for all the CANDY that your purchased (I know how expensive this is), as one parent put it “the parade is better than Halloween, you don’t have to go door to door.” It was a beautiful day for celebrating our independence, Molalla’s 100 centennial and our wonderful Molalla Buckaroo. Thank you to all the spectators who make it worthwhile. Sincerely, Terry Shankle Parade Chair Molalla Area Chamber of Commerce Terry Shankle Molalla


To the editor:

I want to thank the Molalla Pioneer for all its wonderful coverage of the Buckeroo and the street parade. For many years I was very involved in organizing the Buckeroo. But I’m 90 years old now. So I appreciate all the great photos and stories in the paper this week because I am no longer able to actually attend those events like I used to.

Several people have told me the same thing -- we miss being part of the action, but this year the paper made us feel almost like we were there -- we could see the kids and people, the floats and the bucking broncos on your pages. I know a lot of people really appreciated that.

You know, I was born on the family homestead here and grew up in Molalla, and I learned to read from the Pioneer. My mother taught me to read the stories in this newspaper every day. That was pretty much the only thing to read. We didn’t have a lot of money back then and my parents couldn’t afford to buy books, but they always had a subscription to the Pioneer.

MaryJane Sharp



Dear Editor:

What a beautiful day for Molalla’s historic Centennial photo event at Bohlander Field on Saturday, July 6.

Abundant sunshine, baby blue skies and a soft, summer breeze brought out area resident of a ll ages to this once-in-a-lifetime photo opportunity.

Mayor Debbie Rogge (co-owner of Key Carpets) happily welcomed townspeople as they arrived, invited everyone to sign the centennial photo guest registry, so no one was left out, and assisted in organizing participants into the shapes of 1-0-0, commemorating Molalla’s 100th birthday celebration.

An outstanding job was also done by photographer Dave Jackson, who encouraged community members to show off their town spirit by waving and leaping intot he air as he snapped the time capsule pictures. A very fun event and a memorable experience.

Thank you Molalla Pioneer for promoting the occasion beforehand, and thank you to the Molalla Historical society for making th occasion possible. Just one more reason to enjoy living in our little pioneer town.

Happy 100 years of Rodeo and Happy 100th Birthday Molalla.

Julie Larsen


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