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Produce donated to Molalla Service Center

To the editor:

The Molalla Service Center would like to thank the local farmers and gardeners who generously supported the food pantry this summer. During the month of September, we received 2,435 pounds of donated produce. Our patrons were delighted to have fresh fruits and vegetables to feed their families.

Chris Anderson

Molalla Service vounteer

Tuna Sunday, a partnership with Smyrna UCC

To the editor:

For many, many years the Smyrna UCC and their pastor, David Akers, have partnered with the Molalla Service Center in helping us address the issues of hunger by having a Tuna Sunday, Undie Sunday, golf tournaments, or by gathering 11,000 pounds of product on 11-11-11. What a joy it has been to work with them. We would like to thank Pastor Akers and the congregation for all they have done for this community and wish Pastor Akers well on his new endeavor. Sincerely, Volunteers at Molalla Service Center

Rise Estergreen


Thanks given to loyal readers

To the editor:

To all of you loyal readers to the Mulino News column for more than a decade, I want to thank you for your support. The column is being discontinued, as much of the news in the Mulino area is covered by the Pioneer staff already. It has been a great experience for me, and helped me feel connected to our community in a way that I couldn't have otherwise. So for you churches, school parents and staff, scout troops, Hamlet leaders and businesses within the Mulino area, you will need to get your information directly to the Molalla Pioneer. If you would like to still email me the information I would be happy to pass it along, or call me since my number is in the phone book. I have had so much fun getting to know my Mulino Community better and will continue to be as involved as I can. Thanks again.

Laurel Roses


Mulino readers like to see their own column

To the editor:

On behalf of 21 Mulino residents who were in attendance at the September Hamlet meeting, I would like to express our disappointment with the removal of Laurel’s column in the paper. Many of us in Mulino rely on the column to keep us informed on community events. She has written many thoughtful articles, but she does place special emphasis on the Mulino School and the goings-on with the Hamlet of Mulino. Many citizens rely on her monthly Hamlet updates to stay informed if they are not able to make it to the Hamlet meetings. No one from the Pioneer was at our last meeting. We ask that you reinstate Laurel’s column as soon as possible.

Doug Hill


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