Open letter to Dan Huff: Keep the Aquatic Center open

To the editor:

For more than a year, I have used the Aquatic Center two to three times a week and have purchased two yearly passes.

My husband and I voted for the bond measure to build the pool. Our property taxes helped to fund the building of the pool. We were not sure if we would ever use the pool, but we knew that having a pool in the local community was important. Why is it important? Below are a few of the reasons.

Seniors: Many seniors are limited in the ways they can get exercise. The disabled: For many swimming is physical therapy and necessary for their quality of life.Children: Access to a safe place to swim is a gateway to healthful habits for a lifetime. Molalla has recently received a grant to be a part of Grow Healthy Kids and Communities. Closing this avenue for physical activity goes against what the Grow Healthy Kids program is all about.Safety: Teaching children to swim helps to reduce the risk of drowning. Obesity: Rural communities are more at risk for obesity than large urban settings.

If the pool is closed, I will continue to swim, just not in Molalla. If this does happen, I will rarely do business in Molalla, but will take my business to the community I swim in.

The community of Molalla worked hard to open a swimming pool. If there appears to be a lack of support for the pool perhaps it reflects the lack of support shown by city leaders for this community asset. The pool needs to be promoted so that people know it is there for their use.

Please do what is necessary to find funding to keep the pool open, if you do not Molalla will loss a great asset.

Sue Gee


On the president and Putin

To the editor:

Let me see if I have this figured correctly.

The President of the United States wants to warn Putin that his actions in Crimea are illegal under International Law. Is this the same weak-link president who expanded the number of troops in Afghanistan after breaking his campaign pledge to shut down that action? Is this the same president who doesn't give a damn for Constitutional Law, who thinks he can "rule" by edict?

Sounds to me like a possum callin' a pig "narrow-face."

Mike Early


One more open letter to Dan Huff: Concerning the Pool

To the editor:

Dear Dan Huff.

I am Jolene Cummings, and I provide water fitness classes at the Molalla Aquatic Center. I have some thoughts to share with you (on whether to keep the pool open).

It’s a resounding yes.

I have been involved with the pool since it was opened and have been teaching water fitness programs since its first year. My class has many people involved who could not exercise any other way, so if you take the pool away you shorten their lives! Now that’s not in the plans . . .

Most of my class members have bought yearly passes, which means they are here even if they aren’t. You will see by my numbers that my hydrocise plus class believes in using and enjoying the pool. Here’s the numbers: my first five years I averaged 10 students per class, three times a week. That’s 1,560 students for the year . . . five years is 780 classes, with 10 members, totaling 7,800 for the five-year period. The next five years, my average jumped to 15 per class, making 2,340 members a year. Five years saw 11,700 students participating. Numbers from my class have grown from 8 to 10 students to 20 to 25, with 34 being my biggest class. These numbers are from my class, but please remember there are other water exercise classes, so the numbers grow.

The history of the pool was pretty extensive. I did not live here during the time of its conception, but my husband did, and he says that the Molalla community fought for this pool for more than 25 years.

They finally got it, but now they are told that they don’t want it.

That’s not true. The pool is there and needs to be financed, so that it can be maintained and be open during the daytime hours. So it’s available.

Not only does the pool provide space for those who choose to exercise and make their lives more meaningful, but it also provides employment for our students who care to share their talents (as lifeguards). And we are blessed by their presence at the pool, keeping it safe for all, while building their self esteem. We are proud of them!

Melissa has worked hard to bring this all into reality and needs a little help from our city council and manager. Surely the council is aware of the fight for the pool. If not, we need to make it clear to them.

I have seen people come in who were using walkers, and they managed to get back on track and not be a burden to anyone …. the water exercise allows this. Many have had new knees, hips, etc., and the water allows them the comfort to continue their lives without pain. Now that’s worth a million in my books.

In fact, relating to the above, three years ago, I received a new hip, and with my participation in the water before and after, I did not even need rehab. She graduated me the first week. But then I had a non-invasive surgeon who does not cut the muscles.

Hopefully, you will get some answers from the public that will help you be able to work out a financial solution for the pool.

But just reading your letter saying that most aquatic centers operated at a deficit, and the fact is that all parties went into this knowing this. It’s time to belly up and figure it out and provide this pool for the public, keeping it open in the hours it needs.

Here’s to the MAC staying open and available for all . . . you too.

We have even had an Olympic Gold Swimmer in this pool!

Thanks for your time Dan. I will be there at the March 12 council meeting with others who are concerned. I will also share my books with you so that you can see the impact this pool has had on the lives of those that choose to make life better.

Jolene Cummings

Master water fitness instructor

U.S. Water Fitness Association

French exchange students need host families in Molalla

To the editor:

Friends and Community Members: How would you like a little bit of France in your home? For the past 30 years, Compass U.S.A. has been coming to this area with their summer homestay program. Once again, Compass U.S.A. is looking for families that are willing to host a young person for a few weeks in July. This is a great way for you to experience another culture without leaving home.

This summer, July 9 through 29, our community will have 15 students and one adult chaperone from France. These students are ages 13 to 17. Theyare coming to our community to improve their English speaking skills while living with an American host family and learning about our culture.

As a host family, you would:

• Share your lifestyle with a person from another country (France).

• Provide a bed (they can share a room with a host sibling).

• Share meal times.

• Be invited to join us on full-day excursions.

• Participate in host family orientation and training.

• Be eligible for certain scholarship opportunities. through American International Learning Institute (AILI)

To learn more about this fun and rewarding opportunity, contact me, Michelle Bayley, Summer Youth Exchange coordinator, at 503-317-7468 or via e-mail at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Let the adventure begin.

Michelle Bayley


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