The Indians got off to a rough start on Tuesday against Cascade. The Cougars jumped to an early lead, pushing the point spread to 6-20. Molalla fought back though.

Janelle Ferlan played hard defense, Helen Daniels served deep into Cougars’ court and set up Katelin Satyna and Ashley Johnson to throw down CORY MIMMS - Ashley Johnson attacks with a clean spike.

But it wasn’t enough to close the gap. The Cougars took set one 14-25.

In the second set, Molalla grabbed a 3-1 lead. However, the Cougars defense wouldn’t let them get further ahead than that. The scoreboard stayed within a point of tie until Cascade took the lead at 6-7.

Molalla kept up for a few points, but the Cougars knocked down more than half of what the Indians got over the net.

The score jumped to 8-14, and Coach Carol Grauer called the first timeout.

Back on the court, Cascade drilled several spikes at the back row. Ashley Alexander and Johnson dug in and kept the ball in play, but the Cougars’ hands were still high at the net, roofing most everything the Indians sent over.

Daniels and Johnson tried to overcome the defensive wall with smart play—rush the net as if to spike, when the Cougars jump to block, simply tip the ball into unguarded territory. It secured a few points, but the Cougars still closed the second set 15-25.

The Indians found hope in set three. Daniels started off with the serve, and Haley Thrower, Johnson and Ferlan stuffed the Cougars’ offense back.

The score remained within two points of tie until Ferlan sent the ball flying and grabbed a three-point lead, 21-18.

Both the Indians and Cougars pulled off a few more points, and the scoreboard landed on 24-23, Indians’ lead. It was score now or leave the court with a shutout game.

The Cougars sent two balls fast into the back court. Digging in, Johnson saved both of them.

Then, off a beautiful set by Daniels, Johnson hammered one in that snagged the third set win 25-23.

The Cougars were stunned but undefeated. They returned in set four with winning in their eyes, securing an early lead that turned into a 5-25 win.

The Indians lost 1-3, but they played well. The Cougars offense was good, but the win was mostly due to their defense.

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