by: CORY MIMMS - Audrey Bever goes for the goal off a corner kick from Bianca Delgado.The Indians lost to the Seagulls 0-3 on Thursday, but they couldn’t have fought harder.

Molalla started on defense, but quickly took possession of the ball. Audrey Bever, Destinee Swigart, Hailey Satyna, and Shawna Cox all controlled the ball early and kept the Seagulls running. Freshman Chase Rome also showed a lot of talent, while senior Bianca Delgado lead the team early on.

But the Indians couldn’t keep the Seagulls back. Seaside got up 0-1 in the 34th minute.

Molalla didn’t let the early goal change their play though. They continued to press into Seaside’s territory.

In the 17th minute, Courtney Lapp made an impressive drive downfield and passed to Cox. Cox took the shot, but it flew wide.

The Indians kept the ball near Seaside’s goal. The Seagulls attempted to kick the ball out of bounds, but Cox kept it in play, passing infield. Seaside intercepted and sent the ball out.

Delgado took the corner kick. Leilani Lopes got the shot but it went right of the goal.

As the first half wound down, Isabella Petita pushed the ball past midfield and took the shot. But she was too far out, and the Seagulls’ goalkeeper scooped it up.

With four minutes remaining in the first half, Delgado made a pass through Seagulls’ defense to Cox. Cox again took the shot, but it was off target.

In the second half, the Indians continued to play aggressively, but the Seagulls’ defense kept the Indians back. Molalla took several shots, however, they were too far out to get one in the net.

Elizabeth Jarquin played hard, and Bever and Rome took shots in the first ten minutes of the half. The Indians couldn’t put the pieces together for a goal though.

Twenty-three minutes into the second half, the Seagulls got one high in the net, taking the game to 0-2.

The Indians regrouped. Kelsey Brandt took a shot in the 15th minute but missed. Two minutes later, Cox got another shot, but it went just inches off goal.

Undeterred by the score and the ticking clock, the Indians continued to play hard, particularly Cox. She played the last minutes wild, burning around Seagulls’ defense and taking multiple shots. But they flew wide or were stopped by Seaside’s keeper.

In the second-to-last minute, Seaside sent the ball downfield and nabbed a final goal.

The game ended 0-3, but the Indians played impressively.

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