A minute with Chris Keady, Molalla's JV2 volleyball coach

“The season started off with a tough situation,” Coach Chris Keady said. “The four coaches were forced to cut six girls from the group that tried out. While this amount of interest is great for the future of the program, it is very painful for the coaches to send girls home after they have participated in daily double practices for five days. Another hurdle is the lack of an after-school volleyball program at the middle school, but all the girls of the JV2 team are making great progress.”

The lineup

The team consists of five sophomore and seven freshman. The sophomores: Karissa Doran, Anna Druery, Kaila Hill, Courtney Monpetit and Allison Pierce.

The freshman: Lexy Beyer, Kayla Burns, Amanda Foster, Courtney Green, Amy Hall, Regan Johnson, and Jenna Potter.

Keady: The sophomores have definitely been team leaders, and have been so helpful to me as a new Molalla coach. The players arrived with many different skill levels, and I am so proud to say that every lady on the team has worked very hard at every practice to improve.

The goal

Keady: We are focusing on ball control with precise bumping and setting of the ball a major focus at every practice. The serve is another focus; with the change to rally scoring in the recent past, each missed serve is handing a point to the opposing team. All the JV2 girls are working on their overhand serves to be accurate and score those points. We run two complete squads so each lady gets equal playing time, and we take turns starting the matches. Every lady has had the chance to be the team captain and call the coin toss with the referee at the pre-game meeting.

The competition

Keady: We have competed against teams that consisted of really great athletes and had extensive court experience, and each loss has improved our team awareness, and caused the JV2 team to display their impeccable good manners and good sportsmanship. Every lady on the JV2 team has a winning attitude. They are learning to balance sports with their school work and social activities, and they are maturing every week. I feel very lucky to be leading this group of young athletes this year.

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