by: CORY MIMMS - Chris Silbernagel goes for two. The win for Molalla’s JV boys basketball team was just out of reach on Tuesday, when they faced off against Scappoose, who took a 63-62 win during overtime. The game itself was filled with back-and-forth slugging.

Scappoose took possession on the tip and put two points on the board in the first seconds of play, which they turned into a 6-0 lead before long. by: CORY MIMMS - Dalton Kibbons passes to Austin Salley.

Molalla struck back though. Sophomore Austin Salley put Molalla’s first points on the board, and before long Molalla tied the game at 7-7.

Scappoose wouldn’t let Molalla take the lead though. They hammered eight more points out before Molalla got their next points. Sophomore Cody Partlow sank a two-point basket, ending the first quarter with Molalla down 15-9.

Molalla came out hustling in the second quarter and shut down Scappoose’s offense. Midway through the second, Molalla had closed the point spread to 15-14. by: CORY MIMMS - Cody Partlow pressing into the paint.

Scappoose landed their first points of the second shortly after that.

Then Molalla went on a string of missed three pointers. Sophomore Chris Silbernagel broke Molalla’s lull in scoring with a two pointer, but Molalla couldn’t get their shots to drop to give them the lead. With an assist by sophomore Dalton Kibbons, junior Jack Jaynes closed the second quarter with a two-point basket that put the score at 21-18 for the half.

In the first half, every time Molalla got within a point of taking the lead, Scappoose would start sinking shots and stretch the point spread back out. The third quarter shaped up differently.

Opening the third quarter hot, Salley nabbed a steal and rushed down court for the layup.

Next, Silbernagel wily cut through Scappoose’s defense in the paint and nabbed two more points, putting Molalla in the lead for the first time, CORY MIMMS - Aaron Alexander, who recently moved up from JV2.

Scappoose fought back and regained the lead, with Molalla right on their heals. Sophomore Cody Partlow sank a two pointer that tied the game 29-29. After that, Molalla’s boys stretched their necks out and took the lead to 35-30. But Scappoose pushed back and closed the point spread to 40-39, Molalla, before the third quarter ended.

It was an intense third quarter, and Salley proved himself from the three-point line, sinking three baskets from deep court. The fourth quarter would prove to be a nail biter as well.

The game tied at 44-44, but Molalla didn’t let Scappoose overtake them.

Silbernagel made a hard drive into the paint that resulted with two points on the board. Kibbons sank a beautiful basket from the three-point line after that.

Scappoose closed the five-point spread to two points. Freshman Aaron Alexander, who recently moved up to JV from JV2, beat feat in the paint and put two on the board, giving Molalla the three-point lead. by: CORY MIMMS - Austin Salley takes the shot over Scappoose's defense.

Scappoose regained the tie at 53-53 with 1:28 left in the game. Alexander and Kibbons nabbed one foul shot each that put Molalla up by two with under a minute left.

As the seconds fell off the clock, Scappoose set up for the shot, which dropped. The game went into overtime with a score of 55-55.

Overtime was fought at the foul line. Scappoose put eight points on the board, all from the foul line, while Molalla took five points from the foul line.

Sophomore McKay Everhart nabbed the final points of the game with a two-point basket that closed the score to one point.

The buzzer rang before Molalla could take the lead though, giving Scappoose the win.

It’s Tarance Glynn’s first year coaching the JV. He said he’s focusing on improving as a coach and improving the boys’ play.

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