Barbecue raises funds for seniors


Crooked River Ranch Roundup

by: SUBMITTED PHOTO - Chefs and assistants at the PitMaster BBQ Cookoff at CRR, held April 13, at the Big Dog Saloon, included: front, left to right, Ray Peacock, Birk Lowrie, Sue Schneider and Doug Reinhart; and back, Ben Shank, Charlie Smith, Brian Harwood, Dan Dixon, Craig Towel, and first-place winner John Sealy.Saturday afternoon, April 13, Randy and Barbara Knight’s Big Dog Saloon hosted a barbecue cookoff to benefit the Crooked River Ranch Seniors. A group of local barbecue cooks supplied the meat, energy and barbecue know-how to prepare their favorite recipes, which were offered for $10 a plate accompanied by some tasty trimmings assembled and offered by the seniors.

It was a resounding success and resulted in a check for $1,885 being handed to the seniors by Knight at the Senior Center on April 18 in a small but celebratory ceremony.

Scout Camp Trail controversy

Scout Camp Trail is a very steep Ranch trail that goes down from the top plateau to the river below, which is really only suitable for hiking by very healthy hikers who have the physical stamina and ability to hike on an unusually rough trail that is beyond the ability of any who are not in the best physical shape.

That’s because it’s not only steep and rocky, but it’s home to rattlesnakes and other critters that don’t cotton to incursion by human beings, as well as some nasty native plants like poison oak and brambles which are very inhospitable to hiker legs. There are many other hiking trails on the Ranch that are much less difficult for the average person to navigate.

Scout Camp Trail comes under the jurisdiction of the Bureau of Land Management, which has placed a large boulder at its entrance to prevent vehicles, but not people, from entering the area. Neither has BLM seen fit to place a sign at the head of the trail warning hikers of the trail hazards they will encounter if they go beyond the rock at its entrance. BLM evidently considers the rock fully symbolic of the hazards that lie beyond it.

A group of residents supported by CRR Club and Maintenance Association President Ben Johnson and Ranch Fire Chief Tim McLaren has petitioned BLM to install a locked gate with keys given only to the chief and Jefferson County sheriff. The group wants the trail to be accessible to rescue personnel, so they can get to any hikers who become injured and need to be evacuated, which has happened several times a year in recent history.

The BLM has apparently resisted installing a gate, and the two sides have been at an impasse for some time. Neither side has mentioned sitting down together to resolve the impasse.