Sheriff plans fire drill April 25


Other agencies get involved

When Jim Adkins became Jefferson County Sheriff three years ago he said one of his goals was to have a fire drill at the Jefferson County Correctional Facility. Every scenario he devised, however, ended up with sprinklers taking care of the situation and no need to pretend to evacuate the inmates.

Thursday, April 25, Adkins will get his wish as he hypothetically crashes a plane into the jail and creates one disaster after another for his staff and other area agencies and health care personnel to respond to.

“It’s going to be fun,” Adkins said.

Along with the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office, the Madras Police Department, Madras Municipal Airport, Deer Ridge Correctional Institution, Jefferson County Emergency Medical Services, Jefferson County Fire Department, Warm Springs fire, police and ambulance and St. Charles Madras will all participate in the drill.

Reserve deputies and 50 high school students from local schools will be made up to look like inmates and other victims of the plane crash and will be “evacuated” from the jail site to St. Charles Madras for treatment or to other facilities for holding if their injuries are not severe.

The drill is scheduled to last from noon to 4 p.m. Local businesses have been advised of the extra activity of emergency vehicles and personnel and Adkins wants everyone to know everything is under control and there is no real emergency, no need for concern and everything will be under control.

The media is welcome to attend the drill which will begin at noon, April 25, at the Jefferson County Correctional Facility, 675 N.W. Cherry Lane, Madras. Call 541-475-6520 for more information.