Voters elect four new Tribal Council members, four incumbents

Warm Springs has elected a 26th Tribal Council, which will take office May 6.

Four new council members were elected, and four members will be returning.

In the Agency District, the votes were divided among 27 candidates and several write-ins. The top number of votes were gathered by Kahseuss Jackson-Williams (178 votes) and Carlos Smith (181), both new to the council.

For the Simnasho district, there were 13 candidates. Of those, the top votes were won by Orvie Danzuka (146 votes) and Evaline Patt (145 votes), also both new to the council.

In the Seekseequa District, of the six candidates Scott Moses won 79 votes and Reuben Henry won 55 votes for the top spots.

The returning council members are Eugene Austin Greene Jr., Agency District; Raymond Tsumpti Sr., Simnasho District; and Reuben Henry and Scott Moses from the Seekseequa District.

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