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A new and revised Crooked River Ranch Residence and Business Directory is now available, at a price of $6.

Last week, the Ranch Club and Maintenance Association's receptionist, Charlotte Papen, said that the directory was produced mostly through the efforts of Ranch Telegragh Editor Phyllis Carlin.

by: SUBMITTED PHOTO - The Crooked River Ranch's new residence and business directory is now available.Carlin was not available to answer queries about her efforts to produce the new directory. Chamber of Commerce Executive Director Hope Johnson and Ranch Administrator Judy LaPora were also unavailable to comment on the directory.

Comparing the April 2008 edition of the directory to the new one reflects changes and additions in Ranch residents and businesses over the last five years. Ranch residences increased from 2,430 to 2,619 over the five-year period; the businesses dropped from 140 to 109; and the number of pages increased from 78 to 113. The new directory also includes a map, which the earlier directory did not.

The above data should be considered quite “rough” because of differences in spacing and font size in entries of the two editions, which made comparisons problematic.

According to the 2013 directory page, there are a total of 2,646 privately owned Ranch lots, so the new directory apparently lists contact data for the vast majority of property and business owners.

Like its predecessor, the new directory has detailed information about the various departments and facilities of the Ranch Club and Maintenance Association services and committees as well as private Ranch organizations, and departments of both Jefferson and Deschutes counties.

There’s a page about what privileges come with membership in the homeowners association and another on Ranch swimming pool rules.

The new Ranch Residence and Business Directory is a useful information update for longtime residents and an excellent Ranch reference and information source for relative newcomers and visitors. Copies are available from Papen, who greets visitors to the HOA office.

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