Available second, fourth Thursdays

A new, part-time planner has been hired by Jefferson County. Bill Adams, of Redmond, started work in the County Community Development Department on June 20.

Under the contract with the county, Adams will only be available in the office the second and fourth Thursdays of each month, from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m., by appointment.

County Administrator Jeff Rasmussen explained that the county had been paying to borrow a planner from Crook County, Phil Stenbeck, who was in the Jefferson County office every Thursday.

"About six months ago, Crook County got busy and asked to cut that time in half," he said. "We're missing Phil, but we're excited to have someone with Bill's experience."

Adams has been serving as Klamath County's planning director.

The office is staffed on a daily basis by Tanya Cloutier, the planning technician, and two other building technicians; Chet Singleton, the building official and community development director; and a plan examiner and inspector, and Rich Black, the county sanitarian and engineer. At the height of activity in the mid-2000s, the office had as many as a dozen more employees.

Even though activity has not returned to those levels, Rasmussen said that the office is staying busy with "a lot of little stuff: lot line adjustments; the Measure 49 folks are moving on their properties. Activity picks up, and then it drops."

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