Animals, elections on CRR agenda

Crooked River Ranch has gone into its unofficial summer mode; i.e. there was no public input at either the June 5 workshop or June 17 regular Club and Maintenance Association meetings.

Nevertheless, a goodly number of announcements were made by residents and Ranch homeowners association board members, some notable issues were discussed and important actions taken at both meetings.

At the June 5 workshop, resident Gary Hunter announced a coyote/dog mix has been spotted in the area of the Deschutes County/Jefferson County border. The animal has been aggressive and is a threat to pets and humans. It was recommended that the sighting be relayed to Jefferson County animal control.

Director Mitch Poppert also noted his concern regarding the feeding of deer and the subsequent aggressiveness towards humans. He relayed that several attacks on people and pets have been reported. Poppert felt that an article in the Telegraph might help educate residents on the potential danger of feeding the deer.

This is an annual concern with the large herd of friendly deer who roam the Ranch grounds and residential areas. The deer are more than willing to accept food handouts and some Ranchers make a practice of feeding them. On occasion in the past, deer benefactors find the animals so appealing they try to entice them to take food directly from human hands.

Deer are extremely high strung and skittish animals. They are easily startled or frightened by abrupt or unfamiliar sound or movement by a person or a domestic pet. That can prompt them to either flee or attack. They have razor sharp hooves and when they rise up on their haunches to fend off a perceived threat, those hooves can inflict serious damage on any person or animal they contact.

If the animal chooses to flee, a person or pet might be in its path and be run over or knocked down by the panicked deer. Poppert hopes that Ranchers will be educated about the potential hazards of feeding deer.

President Ben Johnson announced the candidates for the upcoming elections to the board of directors and public. Those running for the five Architectural Review Committee positions are: Phil Cochran, David Keyston, Guy Kimbley, Paulette Nordin, Karin Powers and Karen Reinhart.

Those running for the three Crooked River Ranch Club and Maintenance Association Board of Directors positions are Gail DesBrisay, Jack Keeling, George Mitchener and Mark Siemieniec. A candidates' forum will be scheduled for July.

Johnson and Vice President Vene Dunham reported a successful meeting took place recently with the Jefferson County Planning Commission to discuss changes to the CRR commercial zone. The changes are to be incorporated into the zoning codes for the Ranch commercial zone.

The board will need to work with Jefferson County to create procedures for the implementation of the processes which will be the responsibility of CRR. The net result should give the Ranch more visibility and influence in commercial business matters in the commercial zone.

Dunham reported on solid progress toward installing the long-anticipated disc golf course. A location evidently has been identified, but not yet disclosed and funds set aside to begin construction, although no date has been firmed up yet. The board approved going ahead with the project and presumably details will be made public in the near future.

Administrator Judy LaPora reported that there will be discs available to rent or purchase at the administration office during the week and at the pro shop on weekends. Also, an honor box will be installed requesting a donation of $5 to play the course.

Johnson reported two issues involving Ranch property owners that are being considered county code infractions. One involving a resident reportedly intimidating his neighbors is under investigation by the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office, which intends to increase patrols in the area.

The other involves effluent leaking from the septic drain field on Ranch property housing approximately five horses. The county engineer and Oregon Department of Environmental Quality are involved with this case.

These and other severe cases were to be presented to the board of directors during the regular meeting on June 17 for open violation determination. The meeting adjourned at 12:45 p.m.

June 17 board meeting

Johnson presented the recommended voting materials for the upcoming 2013 election as approved by the Nominating Committee on June 17.

As part of the voting package, there is a ballot measure changing the bylaws to require board members to own property on the Ranch. Also included are slates of candidates for the three positions on the board of directors and six for the five positions on the Architectural Review Committee.

Secretary Marta Bartolomei motioned to approve Art and Mary Jo Crossley, Sheridan Loster, and Judy Lake for the Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions Review Committee. The motion was seconded by Director James Dille, and approved unanimously.

Director Jim Martin reported that BendBroadband decided not to renew the cell tower lease which was a temporary backup the company decided was no longer needed.

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