Town hall attendance sparse


Crooked River Ranch Roundup

A town hall meeting was held at the Crooked River Ranch Fire Hall last Thursday which drew a small crowd, mainly due to lack of publicity.

After all the talk about the need for more publicity that Ranchers have heard over the past year and a half, including the formation of a Publicity Committee with that name, not a lot has improved in the amount, frequency and dispersion of news about coming events on the Ranch.

The new Telegraph newsletter content and format, vastly improved under the editorial management of Phyllis Carlin, has been the main communications accomplishment so far, and the improvement well noted and appreciated by Ranchers.

There’s an old marketing mantra which goes something like, "First you gotta tell 'em; then you gotta tell 'em what you told 'em and then you gotta tell 'em all over again," that might be applied to augment the scarcity of Ranch event announcements that are currently posted.

An important upcoming Ranch meeting, like the one held last Thursday at the fire hall, deserves multiple announcements and follow-up reminders about the time, place, content and importance of the meeting posted in several formats. Those include a Phase Rep announcement, the sign at the Ranch entrance and strategically placed posters. Last but not least, the website could be used more extensively for event announcements.

That is not going to come about until sufficient publicity money is budgeted and a knowledgeable publicity manager is given responsibility and authority for getting the word out to Ranchers with adequate frequency.

The Ranch Club and Maintenance Association workshop, held July 1, might have set a new record for low meeting attendance; it amounted to six of the nine board members, the Ranch administrator, plus the minutes recorder and three Ranchers, including "old faithful" Marty Wilson, who really isn’t very old by Rancher standards, but faithfully attends most board meetings.

As usual, President Ben Johnson chaired the meeting and there was no public input. Administrator Judy LaPora presented three requests for funds to the board, all of which were approved. One was for equipment to be used building and maintaining the new disc golf course, construction of which is just getting under way in the same south end of the baseball field where the Steel Stampede is run. LaPora said both events could be played there without interfering with each other, but obviously not at the same time.

The disc golf course, which will be a full 18 holes and meet tournament standards, is slated to be completed around Labor Day or early fall. It is going to be demonstrated to children who attend the summer recreation program later this month.

Johnson and Treasurer Herb Parker reported on a Jefferson County code enforcement hearing they attended recently, which they said left them impressed with the county's professionalism and zeal for enforcing county codes and working with Ranch officials to do the same.

The county still draws the line at helping the Ranch enforce its covenants, conditions and restrictions, many of which do not conform to county codes.

Johnson went on to report that the newly revived CC&R Enforcement Committee has enjoyed some recent success obtaining compliance from violators, when the committee has made an effort to enforce the CC&R.

Johnson also admitted that they ran into opposition from some Ranchers, who had little interest in compliance with the Ranch rules. He and the committee are considering several approaches to put teeth into those regulations including assessing fines for noncompliance.

Evidently a previous enforcement committee, authorized by the board at that time, drew up a well-researched list of good neighbor rules or principles which Johnson is going to revive in hopes of promoting more voluntary CC&R compliance. The bulk of the rest of the meeting was devoted to discussion of housekeeping items.

In the meantime, Johnson encourages Ranchers to file a CC&R complaint at the office for violations they would like to see corrected. He’s dead serious about this effort and determined to see CC&Rs are enforced from now on, without undue delay.