Construction starting on 509-J projects


Project manager Dave Fishel reported on construction in the 509-J School District at Monday night's board of directors meeting.

He said excavation will start this week on the Warm Springs school, and the hiring process went well, with 11 tribal members hired to work on the project.

On the Madras area projects, bids on door access security equipment were higher than had been anticipated. As a result, he said they will see if there are modifications that can be made to save money.

"The door access controls won't be ready for the start of school, but we will install them in the fall," Fishel said.

The old track has been pulverized at the middle school, and this week grading and curb installation will be done. Enlarged end zone areas will provide for and enlarged longjump area so the track can be used by Madras High School athletes until the MHS track is completed.

One last meeting of the design group will be held next week for the performing arts and athletic complex, and bids will be received on July 25.