Culver to try for bond levy


Third attempt to pass one

Culver School District No. 4 will make another attempt to pass a pared down bond levy in November, following a decision at Monday night’s board of directors meeting.

Culver Superintendent Stefanie Garber said they plan to file with the county to put an $8.8 million bond levy on the November ballot.

“The board decided, after much discussion about the property, to focus this levy on classrooms, safety and HVAC systems,” Garber said.

This will be the third attempt to pass a levy. In November 2011, a $14.5 million levy, which included a sports facility failed. Then, a reduced $9.75 million levy, without a sports facility, also failed in May 2013.

Garber said the “bone of contention” has been that both levies contained provisions to pay off a $1.9 million debt for property purchased in 2008 for future expansion.

“The reduction in this levy is from cutting the property debt in half. Half of the amount will be on the levy, and half we will cover with district funds to show voters we are listening,” Garber said.

After filing to be on the ballot, a political action committee will be formed to spend two months advocating for the bond levy.

The Culver District will use levy funds for repairs and upgrades to older buildings, to replace boiler heating systems with HVAC systems, to demolish two old elementary wings which have cracked walls and construct a new safe classroom wing, and to play off half the property debt.