Time to get Movin again


Fitness challenge returns in January

Get your team, or go it alone. The popular communitywide Movin' Mountains Health and Fitness Challenge is back for 2014.

This year there are some changes from past events. The most striking change is that there will be substantially more cash winners than in previous years.

This year, all participants who meet weight-loss goals of 5 percent will receive a cash prize, more if they lose 10 percent.

“Dollar figures haven’t been established yet, but we basically want to spread the prize money out,” said Beth Ann Beamer, with St. Charles Community Benefit, one of the sponsoring organizations.

As it has through its first three years, Movin' Mountains will also have individual and team competitions. The contest measures weight loss, and inches loss in the hips and waist. There will be two-person mixed teams, four-person men's and women’s teams, and individual competitions. Those involved with teams also participate in the individual competition.

Competition is based on percentage lost during the five month challenge, not total pounds or inches. Payouts will go to the top five placers in the men’s and women’s divisions, and top three in team competitions.

The entry fee is $25 per person, no matter if you are entering as an individual or part of a team. All the entry fees are paid out in prize money pool.

The event will kick off with weigh-ins on Jan. 16 and 17 at St. Charles Madras and at the Warm Springs Wellness Center. A hospital-only weigh-in will be held on the 18th. Only those who stick it out until the final weigh-in in May are eligible for prizes.

Also this year, event organizers are looking to build on their youth division program, which was started last year. There will be a family fitness “competition” where adults and the middle school and high school youth in a family can compete for improvement in three-minute step test, body fat percentage and blood pressure. The families’ average improvement will determine their score.

Screening dates and details on fees and prizes have yet to be determined for the family competition, noted Beamer.

Adults who are in the family competition can also participate in the adult competition.

The Movin’ Mountains Health and Fitness Challenge will include free weekly activities, like fitness classes and group activities, as well as healthy lifestyle and nutrition nutrition classes.

The Jefferson County Health Department joins the St. Charles Community Benefit as primary sponsors. Other sponsoring entities include the Madras Pioneer, Madtown Fitness, A.M. Fit, Mosaic Medical Warm Springs Community Wellness and the Let's Talk Diversity Coalition.