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Sheriff, board meet

Typical of the holiday season, there is not a lot of news about Crooked River Ranch being generated and put into circulation. The monthly meeting of the CRR Club and Maintenance Association Board was held Monday, Dec. 16, and most current issues were discussed and some action taken.

Contributing to the dearth of news at the Ranch was a recent cold spell that lasted about a week and featured some subzero temperatures. While it lasted, Ranchers cut down on moving about the community in favor of concentrating on keeping warm and preventing pipes from freezing. The annual Christmas parade was canceled for the first time in memory because of that cold spell.

Nevertheless the indoor activities associated with the parade, including Santa on his throne listening to young children’s hopes for Christmas presents, various games and treats of goodies and drinks went on as usual in the Juniper Room and were attended by a large number of Ranchers and their children.

A highlight of the Dec. 16 meeting was a review of law enforcement on the Ranch with Jefferson County Sheriff Jim Adkins. The review came about after a recent accident at the intersection of Chinook and Badger Roads resulted in two occupants being taken by ambulance to the hospital.

The accident apparently was caused by a car exiting Badger onto Chinook without stopping at the stop sign and thus not seeing an approaching vehicle. It was struck by a vehicle traveling south on Chinook which could not stop in time.

This prompted the board of directors to investigate whether Ranch roads were being adequately patrolled by the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office to prevent such accidents.

An invitation was issued to Adkins to attend the December board meeting and assist the board in evaluating what action is appropriate to reduce the number of such accidents.

When the results of that review were discussed with Adkins this week after the meeting, he said it was productive and being acted upon by his department. Adkins also thought the board “asked good questions.”

Adkins said he and the Ranch board agreed that it was worth investigating whether it would be advisable to set up a partial district to fund two Ranch-based sheriff’s deputies for exclusive duty on the Ranch. He is going to discuss that with the Jefferson County Board of Commissioners.

Adkins is also going to consider doing some additional saturation patrols and have a look at the signage at the entrance to the National Grassland at the north end of the Ranch. Some legal target shooting takes place in that area that is disturbing Ranch residents in nearby homes.

Compared to other Jefferson County communities, Adkins considers the Ranch relatively free of crime, and does not think the situation requires a drastic increase in law enforcement. He allows that the Ranch might need some additional preventative surveillance which he will discuss with the Ranch board after his research is completed.

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